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Trane CCUN 205-211 User Manual: Overview

Chiller control system.
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The Trane CH530 control system
that runs the chiller consists of
several elements:
The main processor collects
data, status, and diagnostic
information and communicates
commands to the LLID (for Low
Level Intelligent Device) bus. The
main processor has an integral
display (DynaView).
LLID bus . The main processor
communicates to each input and
output device (e.g. temperature
and pressure sensors, low
voltage binary inputs, analog
input/output) all connected to a
four-wire bus, rather than the
conventional control architecture
of signal wires for each device.
The communication interface to
a building automation system
A service tool to provide all
service/maintenance capabilities.
Main processor and service tool
(TechView) software is
downloadable from . The process is
discussed later in this section
under TechView Interface.
DynaView provides bus
management. It has the task of
restarting the link, or filling in for
what it sees as "missing" devices
when normal communications
has been degraded. Use of
TechView may be required.
The CH530 uses the IPC3 protocol
based on RS485 signal technology
and communicating at 19.2 Kbaud
to allow 3 rounds of data per
second on a 64-device network.
Most diagnostics are handled by the
DynaView. If a temperature or
pressure is reported out of range by
a LLID, the DynaView processes this
information and calls out the
diagnostic. The individual LLIDs are
not responsible for any diagnostic
Note: It is imperative that the CH530
Service Tool (TechView) be used to
facilitate the replacement of any
LLID or reconfigure any chiller
component .
Controls Interface
DynaView (picture on cover)
Each chiller is equipped with the
DynaView interface. DynaView has
the capability to display additional
information to the advanced
operator including the ability to
adjust settings. Multiple screens are
available and text is presented in
multiple languages as factory-
ordered or can be easily
downloaded online.
TechView can be connected to the
DynaView module and provides
further data, adjustment
capabilities, diagnostics
information, downloadable
software, and downloadable


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