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Trane CCUN 205-211 User Manual

Chiller control system.
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User Guide
Tracer CH530™
Chiller Control System
CGWN/CCUN 205-211
CGAN 209-214


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  • Page 1: User Guide

    User Guide Tracer CH530™ Chiller Control System CGWN/CCUN 205-211 CGAN 209-214 CG-SVU02B-E4...

  • Page 2: General Information

    7 days of delivery, claiming for the described damage. A copy of this letter must be sent to Trane Epinal Operations - Claims team. Note: for deliveries in France, even concealed damage must be looked for at delivery and immediately treated as visible damage.

  • Page 3

    CG-SVU02B-E4 General information Warranty Warranty is based on the general terms and conditions of the manufacturer. The warranty is void if the equipment is repaired or modified without the written approval of the manufacturer, if the operating limits are exceeded or if the control system or the electrical wiring is modified.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents General Information Overview DynaView Interface Display Screens TechView Interface Software Download Diagnostics CG-SVU02B-E4...

  • Page 5: Overview

    CG-SVU02B-E4 Overview The Trane CH530 control system that runs the chiller consists of several elements: • The main processor collects data, status, and diagnostic information and communicates commands to the LLID (for Low Level Intelligent Device) bus. The main processor has an integral display (DynaView).

  • Page 6: Dynaview Interface

    Figure 1 - Basic Screen Format Main Auto DynaView Interface The display on DynaView is a 1/4 VGA display with a resistive touch screen and an LED backlight. The display area is approximately 4 inches wide by 3 inches high (102mm x 60mm).

  • Page 7

    The bottom of the screen (7) is present in all screens and contains the following functions. The contrast (8,9) may require re-adjustment at ambient temperatures significantly different from those present at last adjustment. The other functions are critical to machine operation. The AUTO and STOP keys are used to enable or disable the chiller.

  • Page 8

    DynaView Interface Main Screens The Main screen shall be the default screen. After an idle time of 30 minutes the CH530 shall display the Main screen with the first data fields. The remaining items (listed in the following table) will be viewed by selecting the up/down arrow icons.

  • Page 9

    CG-SVU02B-E4 DynaView Interface Figure 4 - Main screen menu, Chiller Operating Modes - Sub Level Back Chiller Mode: Maximum Capacity Capacity Control Softloading Ice Building Auto Auto Figure 5 - Main screen menu, Chiller Operating Modes - Sub Level Back Circuit 1 Mode: Low Evaporator Pressure Start Auto...

  • Page 10

    DynaView Interface Table 1 - Main screen menu, Chiller Operating Modes - Top Level Chiller Level Mode Top Level Mode Description MP Resetting The main processor is going through reset. MP Resetting Sub Modes Description No Chiller Sub-Modes Chiller Level Mode Top Level Mode Description Stopped...

  • Page 11

    CG-SVU02B-E4 DynaView Interface Chiller Level Mode Top Level Mode Description Run Inhibit The chiller is currently being inhibited from starting (and running), but may be allowed to start if the inhibiting or diagnostic condition is cleared. Run Inhibit Sub Modes Description Ice Building Is Complete The chiller is inhibited from running as the Ice Building...

  • Page 12

    DynaView Interface Chiller Level Mode Top Level Mode Description Waiting to Start The chiller is going through the necessary steps to allow the lead circuit to start. Waiting to Start Sub Modes Description Waiting For Condenser Water Flow The chiller will wait a user adjustable time in this mode for condenser water flow to be established per the flow switch hardwired input.

  • Page 13

    CG-SVU02B-E4 DynaView Interface Chiller Level Mode Top Level Mode Description Shutting Down The chiller is still running but shutdown is imminent. The chiller is going through a compressor run-unload. Shutting Down Sub Modes Description Evaporator Water Pump Off Delay: The Evaporator pump is executing the pump off delay timer. MIN:SEC Condenser Water Pump Off Delay: The Condenser pump is executing the pump off delay timer.

  • Page 14

    DynaView Interface Table 2 - Circuit Level Operating Modes: Circuit Level Mode Top Level Mode Description Stopped The circuit is not running, and cannot run without intervention. Stopped Sub Modes Description Diagnostic Shutdown - Manual Reset The circuit has been shutdown on a latching diagnostic. Front Panel Circuit Lockout The circuit is manually locked out by the circuit lockout setting - the nonvolatile lockout setting is accessible through either...

  • Page 15

    CG-SVU02B-E4 DynaView Interface Circuit Level Mode Top Level Mode Description Running - Limit The compressor on the given circuit is currently running in a limit mode. Running - Limit Sub Modes Description Hot Start Limit Additional stages on a given circuit are being held off based on leaving evaporator temperature.

  • Page 16

    Reports Screen The Reports tab will allow a user to select from a list of possible reports headings. Each report will generate a list of status items as defined in the following tables. DynaView Interface Figure 6 - Reports screen Main Reports Evaporator...

  • Page 17

    CG-SVU02B-E4 DynaView Interface ASHRAE Chiller Log Current Time/Date Chiller Mode Active Chilled Water Setpoint Evap Entering Water Temp Evap Leaving Water Temp Evap Water Flow Switch Status Cond Entering Water Temp Cond Leaving Water Temp Cond Water Flow Switch Status Outdoor Air Temp Circuit ASHRAE Log Circuit Mode...

  • Page 18: Settings Screen

    DynaView Interface Settings Screen The Settings screen provides a user the ability to adjust settings justified to support daily tasks. The layout provides a list of sub-menus, organized by typical subsystem. This organization allows each subscreen to be shorter in length which should improve the users navigation.

  • Page 19

    CG-SVU02B-E4 DynaView Interface Feature Settings Chilled Water Reset Return Reset Ratio Return Start Reset Return Maximum Reset Outdoor Reset Ratio Outdoor Start Reset Outdoor Maximum Reset Ext Chilled Water Setpoint Ice Building LCI-C Diag Encoding LCI-C Diag Language System Manual Control Settings Evap Water Pump Cond Water Pump Clear Restart Inhibit Timer...

  • Page 20: Diagnostics Screen

    DynaView Interface Diagnostics Screen The diagnostic screen is accessible by depressing the Alarms enunciator A scrollable list of the last (up to 20) active diagnostics will be presented. Performing a Reset All Active Diagnostics will reset all active diagnostics regardless of type, machine or refrigerant circuit.

  • Page 21: Techview Interface

    CAUTION: Performing any Tracer CH530 service functions should be done only by a properly trained service technician. Please contact your local Trane service agency for assistance with any service requirements. TechView software is available via ( oftware/tracerch530/) This download...

  • Page 22: Software Download

    TechView Interface Software Download Instructions for First Time TechView Users This information can also be found at oftware/tracerch530/. 1. Create a folder called "CH530" on your C:\ drive. You will select and use this folder in subsequent steps so that downloaded files are easy to locate.

  • Page 23

    CG-SVU02B-E4 TechView Interface 6. Select the product family. A table with the download link will appear for that product family. 7. Download the main processor software onto your PC in the CH530 folder (please note that this does not install the main processor, it only downloads the installation utility).

  • Page 24

    Diagnostics The following diagnostic table contains all the diagnostics possible. Not all data is available unless tech view is connected. Code: Three digit hexadecimal code used on all past products to uniquely identify diagnostics. Diagnostic Name: Name of Diagnostic and its source. Note that this is the exact text used in the User Interface and/or Service Tool displays.

  • Page 25

    Table 5 - Main Processor Diagnostics Diagnostic Name Effects MP: Reset Has Occurred Chiller Low Pressure Cutout Circuit High Motor Temp/Overload Cprsr Compressor Fault Cprsr BAS Failed to Establish Chiller Communication BAS Communication Lost Chiller External Chilled/Hot Water Chiller Setpoint External Demand Limit Chiller Setpoint...

  • Page 26

    Evaporator Entering Water Chiller Temp Sensor Evaporator Leaving Water Chiller Temp Sensor Condenser Entering Water Chiller Temp Sensor Condenser Leaving Water Chiller Temp Sensor Discharge Pressure Circuit Transducer Suction Pressure Transducer Circuit Suction Temperature Sensor Circuit Evaporator Protection Water Circuit Temp Sensor Low Evap Leaving Water Chiller or...

  • Page 27

    High Evaporator Water Chiller Temperature High Pressure Cutout Circuit Emergency Stop Chiller Outdoor Air Temp Sensor Chiller and Special MP: Non-Volatile Memory None Reformatted Check Clock Platform MP: Could not Store Starts Platform and Hours MP: Non-Volatile Block Test Platform Error Starts/Hours Modified Cprsr...

  • Page 28

    Evaporator Water Chiller Warning and Flow Lost Pump 1 Special Action (or Pump 2) Evaporator Water Chiller Warning and Flow Overdue Special Action Pump 1 (or Pump 2) Fault Detected: Chiller Warning and Evaporator Water Special Action Pump 1 (or Pump 2) Condenser Water Chiller...

  • Page 29

    Diagnostic Name Effects Excessive Loss of Comm Chiller Comm Loss: Chiller External Auto/Stop Comm Loss: Chiller Emergency Stop Comm Loss: Chiller Ext Ice Building Ctrl Input Comm Loss: Chiller Outdoor Air Temperature Comm Loss: Chiller Evap Leaving Water Temp Comm Loss: Chiller Evap Entering Water Temp Comm Loss:...

  • Page 30

    Comm Loss: Circuit Suction Pressure Transducer Comm Loss: Chiller Ext Chilled/Hot Wtr Setpoint and Special Comm Loss: Chiller External Demand Limit and Special Setpoint Comm Loss: Chiller Auxiliary Setpoint Command and Special Comm Loss: Chiller High Pressure Cutout Switch Comm Loss: Chiller Evaporator Water Flow Switch Comm Loss:...

  • Page 31

    Comm Loss: Circuit Condenser Fan Control Relays Comm Loss: Chiller Fan Fault Comm Loss: Chiller Op Status Programmable Relays Comm Loss: Chiller Anti-Freeze Heater Relay and Special Comm Loss: Circuit Evap Protection Water Temp Comm Loss: Chiller Evaporator Water Pump 1 (or and Special Pump 2) Relay Comm Loss:...

  • Page 32

    Comm Loss: Suction Circuit Temperature Comm Loss: Compressor Circuit Staging Relay Comm Loss: Heat/Cool Chiller Switch Comm Loss: Condenser Chiller Speed Signal Comm Loss: Electronic Circuit Expansion Valve Table 7 - Main Processor - Boot Messages and Diagnostics DynaView Display Message Boot Software Part Numbers: The "boot code"...

  • Page 33

    A Valid Configuration is A valid configuration is present in the MP's nonvolatile memory. The configuration is a set of variables and settings that Present define the physical makeup of this particular chiller. These include: number/airflow and type of fans, number/and size of compressors, special features, characteristics, and control options.

  • Page 34: Alarms And Status

    Programmable Relays (Alarms and Status) CH530 provides a flexible alarm or chiller status indication to a remote location through a hard wired interface to a dry contact closure. Table 8 - Chiller events/status descriptions Event/state Description Alarm - Latching This output is true whenever there is any active diagnostic that requires a manual reset to clear, that affects the chiller, the circuit, or any of the compressors on a circuit.

  • Page 35

    Notes CG-SVU02B-E4...

  • Page 36

    Literature Stocking Location Europe Trane has a policy of continuous product and product data improvement and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. Only qualified technicians should perform the installation and servicing of equipment referred to in this publication.

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