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Epson SOLAR Series Specification And Drawing page 12

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6. How to remove the setting stem
When removing the setting stem, pull out the crown at 1st click position and then remove the setting
stem while pressing the hollow portion of setting lever by tweezers. (Refer to the Fig.[3].)
・ Please do not transform the earth spring.
Fig.[3] Crown pulled out at 1st click
7. Attention of casing part structure
Use the specified dial support ring to prevent rotation of the movement inside of the case in order to
stabilize the button operation.
Refer to the [Solar cell unit] page instruction as to the shape and tolerance.
・ Use the metal case to prevent from the movement mal-function by static electricity.
The center wheel have a safety stopper structure to prevent the minute hand from being pressed too
much. However pay attention to the contact between hour hand and minute hand.
8.How to set the hands
Each hand moves at step interval. Set the each hand at correct position according to the scale on the
dial in order not to make a mistake in reading time.
・ Do not turn the hand forcibly.
9.How to remove the hands
・ When removing the hands, use exclusive fork-shaped tools.
・ Do not remove the dial under the condition that any hands are set.
10. Caution
When charging the watch, do not place it too close to fluorescent lamp or other light sources as the
watch temperature will become extremely high, causing damage to the parts inside the watch.
11. How to set the solar cell lead terminal
Please set 2pcs of solar cell lead terminals in accordance with this illustration.
As to the solar cell lead terminal shape, there is no distinction between upper and lower.
12. How to set the solar cell unit
Push above part of each hook on the solar cell unit into main plate certainly.
Earth spring
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Rev. : 01
P. 9-02



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