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Epson Solar Series Parts List And Disassemble Manual

Watch movement, 3 hands/day/date
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Watch Movement Parts List and Disassemble Guide
Movement Size
Casing Diameter
Day of the week
11 1/2'''
Ø 28.6mm
- 3 hands / Day / Date
Running Time
Approx. 6 months



  Summary of Contents for Epson Solar Series

  • Page 1 Watch Movement Parts List and Disassemble Guide SOLAR SERIES Cal.VS43A - 3 hands / Day / Date Day of the week Date MOVEMENT SPECIFICATIONS 11 1/2’’’ 3.50mm Movement Size Height Ø 28.6mm Approx. 6 months Running Time Casing Diameter...
  • Page 2 Cal.VS43A Parts List 零件一覧表 PARTS NAME CHINESE VS43A1 Battery connection (+) 正極片 4268 655 Calendar correction Wheel 撥日暦輪 0737 891 Centre wheel 中心輪 0221 602 Circuit block 電路板 4000 655 Circuit block cover 電路板蓋 4461 543 Clutch wheel 豬籠輪/離合輪 0282 890 Coil block 線圈...
  • Page 3 VS43A Disassemble Chart (1) Seconds Hand Minute Hand Hour Hands Dial Hour Wheel Spacer Dial Washer Solar Cell Unit Spring Clip for Day Star Dial Disk Day Star With Dial Disc Solar Cell Lead Terminal Date Indicator Maintaining Plate Date Corrector Wheel Second Intermediate Wheel For Calendar Date Indicator Date Jumper...
  • Page 4 VS43A Disassemble Chart (2) Screw Secondary battery unit Circuit Block Cover Circuit Block Train Wheel Bridge Fourth Wheel & Pinion Third Wheel & Pinion Fifth Wheel & Pinion Step Rotor Setting Wheel Minute Wheel Train Wheel Setting Lever Setting Lever Screw Yoke Setting Stem...

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