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Epson SOLAR Series Watch Movement Specification And Drawing

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Watch Movement Specification and Drawing
Cal. VR42B
Movement Size
13 1/2'''
Casing Diameter
Running Time
Approx. 4 months



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  • Page 1 Watch Movement Specification and Drawing SOLAR SERIES Cal. VR42B Movement Size 13 1/2’’’ Casing Diameter 30.6mm Ø Height 4.52mm Running Time Approx. 4 months...
  • Page 2 Date: 1/Feb./'19 Cal. VR42B Items Rev. Page Features Specifications Appearance Casing Hand fitting-01 5-01 Hand fitting-02 5-02 Hand setting stem Dial-01 7-01 Dial-02 7-02 Casing ring Solar cell unit-01 9-01 Solar cell unit-02 9-02 Attention-01 10-01 Attention-02 10-02 Attention-03 10-03 Operation-01 11-01 Operation-02...
  • Page 3 Date : 19/Oct./'18 Cal. Features VR42B Rev. : 00 1.Solar-powered watch This watch is a solar-powered watch containing a solar cell underneath the dial to convert any form of light into '' electrical energy'' and store the power in a secondary battery. 2.
  • Page 4: Specifications

    Date : 30/Nov./'18 Cal. Specifications VR42B Rev. : 01 Solar Quartz 13 1/2''' Chronograph Movement 1. MOVEMENT DIMENSIONS Outside diameter φ31.20mm × 28.00mm(3-9H) Casing diameter φ30.6mm Total height 3.97mm (Including solar cell : 4.52mm) 2. TIME STANDARD Type of quartz oscillator Tuning fork Frequency of quartz oscillator 32,768 Hz...
  • Page 15 19/Oct./'18 Date : Cal. Attention-01 VR42B Rev. : 00 1. Attention for solar cell unit Pay attention not to touch and scratch the surface of the solar cell. 2. Dial transparency rate Keep the transparency rate of the dial more than 30%. (Effective aperture is φ27mm) Each elements of solar cell must be kept the transparency rate.
  • Page 16 19/Oct./'18 Date : Cal. Attention-02 VR42B Rev. : 00 5. How to remove the setting stem When removing the setting stem,put the setting stem at normal position and push the ''setting lever'' by tweezers. (Refer to the Fig.[3].) The ''setting lever'' can not be push if the setting stem is not at normal position. Fig.[3] 6.
  • Page 17: Button Position

    19/Oct./'18 Date : Cal. Attention-03 VR42B Rev. : 00 12.How to set the dial The dial is held by the four guide poles on the solar cell unit. 13. Button position Please keep the clearance between the movement and the tip of button to prevent the interference in assembling and enable to be cased smoothly.
  • Page 18 19/Oct./'18 Date : Cal. VR42B Operation-01 Rev. : 00 Minute hand Hour hand 2H button 0 → 1 → 2 Minute chronograph hand Crown Second hand 24 hour hand 4H button Second chronograph hand Crown position 0 click 1st click 2nd click Turn counterclockwise for Time setting...
  • Page 19: Battery Indicator

    19/Oct./'18 Date : Cal. VR42B Operation-02 Rev. : 00 Battery indicator Press 4H button more than 1 second. The remaining battery capacity is indicated. Status indication is 2 seconds.Then it return automatically. Battery indicator and duration Display Battery level Power reserve High 90 days or more position:45seconds...

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