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Safety Instructions - Electrolux EHG9360BS User Manual

Built-in gas hob with steam
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3 Safety instructions

Safety instructions
Do not use gas other than that which is specified on the
label attached.
Do not place anything, e.g. flame tamer, asbestos mat,
between pan and pan support as serious damage to
the appliance may result. (Fig 1)
Do not remove the pan support and enclose the burner with a
wok stand not supplied by Electrolux as this will concentrate the
flame and deflect the heat onto the top plate. (Fig 2)
Do not use large pots or heavy weights which can bend the pan
support or deflect the flame onto the top plate.
(Fig 3)
Locate pan centrally over burner so that it is stable and
does not overheat the appliance. (Fig 4)
Use only wok support supplied or recommended by
the manufacturer of the appliance. (Fig 5)
Wok support to be used for wok and other trivets for flat bottom
The unit to be used for cooking only. Do not dry towels, clothes,
etc., over it. If this is done, there is danger of fire.
If a gas leak is found, close stopcock, open up all windows and
call your dealer. Do refrain from turning an electric switch on or
off, lighting a match, smoking or using a lighter.
Use the appliance in a well-ventilated room.
Do not use vinyl gas hose. It is liable to be softened by heat.
Use only a rubber hose.
Be sure to turn off the ignition knob and regulator of the
cylinder after use.
Avoid touching the burner, pan stand etc., immediately
after use, you will get burnt.
Ensure that the rubber hose does not touch any part of the
unit or lies underneath it.
Connect the rubber hose to the gas inlet and fasten it with
a hose clamp.
The pan stand leg nearest to the flame will have discoloration
after use. Such phenomenon is normal.
• In the event of the burner flames being accidentally
extinguished, turn off the burner control knob and do not
attempt to re-ignite the burner for at least 1 minute.
• For burner fitted with a flame supervision device, if after 15
seconds of ignition operation the burner has not lit, stop
operating the device and open the compartment door and
wait at least 1 minute before attempting a further ignition
of the burner.
• If nozzle holes are blocked, use a thin wire or pin to
pierce and clean the nozzle holes.



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