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Troubleshooting - LG LA408AB Owner's Manual

4-ch bridgeable amplifier
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The following checklist will assist in the correction of most problems which you may encounter with your
Before going through the checklist below, refer to the connection and operating procedures.
The POWER/PROTECT indicator
or illumination does not light
The POWER/PROTECT indicator
will change from green to red.
 The unit becomes
abnormally hot.
 The sound is interrupted.
Alternator noise is heard.
The sound is too low.
Design and specifi cations are subject to change without notice.
The fuse is blown.
The ground wire is not
securely connected.
The voltage going into the
remote terminal is too low.
Check the battery voltage (10.5 – 16 V).
Turn off the power switch.
The speaker outputs are
Turn off the power switch. Make sure the speaker cord and ground wire
are securely connected.
The unit heats up
Make sure to place the unit
in a well ventilated location.
The thermal protect is
The power connecting
wires are installed too close
to the RCA pin cords.
The ground wire is not
securely connected.
Negative speaker wire is
touching the car chassis.
The LEVEL adjustment
control is not appropriate.
Replace both the fuses with a new one.
Fasten the ground wire securely to a
metal point of the car.
 The connected car audio unit is not
turned on. Turn on the car audio unit.
 The system employs too many
amplifi ers. Use a relay.
Rectify the cause of the short.
Use speakers with suitable impedance.
(2 – 8 Ω)
Reduce the volume.
Keep the power connecting wires away
from the RCA pin cords.
Fasten the ground wire securely to a
metal point of the car.
Keep the wire away from the car chassis.
Turn the LEVEL adjustment control in the
clockwise direction.