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Location And Function Of Controls; Before Installation - LG LA408AB Owner's Manual

4-ch bridgeable amplifier
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Location and function
of controls
a HPF (High-Pass Filter) select switch
When the HPF switch is set to ON, the High-
pass fi lter (80 Hz) is eff ective.
b LEVEL adjustment control
The input level can be adjusted with this
control. Turn it in the clockwise direction when
the output level of the car audio unit seems
c HI-IN (+ L -, - R +) jacks
d RCA input jacks
e LPF (Low-Pass Filter) select switch
When the LPF switch is set to ON, the Low-pass
fi lter (80 Hz) is eff ective.
f Speakers output terminals
g Fuses (30 A)
h Battery terminal (B +)
After completing all other amplifi er
connections, fi nally connect the battery wire
terminal the amplifi er to the positive (2)
battery terminal.
i System remote control terminal (REM)
j Ground terminal (GND)

Before Installation

 Mount the unit either inside the trunk or under a
 Choose the mounting location carefully so
the unit will not interfere with the normal
movements of the driver and it will not be
exposed to direct sunlight or hot air from the
 Do not install the unit under the fl oor carpet,
where the heat dissipation from the unit will be
considerably impaired.
 Mount the unit as illustrated.
Ring rubber
i j
 Before making any connections, disconnect the
ground terminal of the car battery to avoid short
 Be sure to use speakers with an adequate power
rating. If you use small capacity speakers, they
may be damaged.
 Do not connect the 3 terminal of the speaker
system to the car chassis, and do not connect
the 3 terminal of the right speaker with that of
the left speaker.
 Install the input and output cords away from
the power supply wire as running them close
together can generate some interference noise.
 This unit is a high powered amplifi er. Therefore, it
may not perform to its full potential if used with
the speaker cords supplied with the car.
 If your car is equipped with a computer system
for navigation or some other purpose, do not
remove the ground wire from the car battery. If
you disconnect the wire, the computer memory
may be erased. To avoid short circuits when
making connections, disconnect the + 12 V
power supply wire until all the other wires have
been connected.