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Safety Information; Fuse Replacement - LG LA408AB Owner's Manual

4-ch bridgeable amplifier
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Getting Started

Safety Information

 This unit is designed for negative ground 12 V
DC operation only.
 Use speakers with an impedance of 2 to 8 Ω (4 to
8 Ω when used as a bridging amplifi er).
 Do not connect any active speakers (with built-
in amplifi ers) to the speaker terminals of the unit.
Doing so may damage the active speakers.
 Avoid installing the unit in areas subject to:
- high temperatures such as from direct sunlight
or hot air from the heater
- rain or moisture
- dust or dirt.
 If your car is parked in direct sunlight and there is
a considerable rise in temperature inside the car,
allow the unit to cool down before use.
 When installing the unit horizontally, be sure not
to cover the fi ns with the fl oor carpet etc.
 If this unit is placed too close to the car audio
unit or antenna, interference may occur. In this
case, relocate the amplifi er away from the car
audio unit or antenna.
 If no power is being supplied to the car audio
unit, check the connections.
 This power amplifi er employs a protection
circuit* to protect the transistors and speakers
if the amplifi er malfunctions. Do not attempt to
test the protection circuits by covering the heat
sink or connecting improper loads.
 Do not use the unit on a weak battery as its
optimum performance depends on a good
power supply.
 For safety reasons, keep your car audio unit
volume moderate so that you can still hear
sounds outside your car.

Fuse Replacement

If the fuse blows, check the power connection and
replace both the fuses. If the fuse blows again after
replacement, there may be an internal malfunction.
In such a case, consult your nearest dealer.
When replacing the fuse, be sure to use one
matching the amperage stated above the fuse
holder. Never use a fuse with an amperage rating
exceeding the one supplied with the unit as this
could damage the unit.
* Protection circuit
This amplifi er is provided with a protection circuit
that operates in the following cases:
- when the unit is overheated
- when a DC current is generated
- when the speaker terminals are short-circuited.
The color of the POWER/PROTECT indicator will
change from blue to red, and the unit will shut
down. If this happens, turn off the connected
equipment, take out the cassette tape or disc, and
determine the cause of the malfunction. If the
amplifi er has overheated, wait until the unit cools
down before use.
If you have any questions or problems concerning
your unit that are not covered in this manual, please
consult your nearest dealer.