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Supplied Accessories - LG LA408AB Owner's Manual

4-ch bridgeable amplifier
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 Maximum power output of 150 W per channel
(4) (at 4 Ω).
 This unit can be used as a bridging amplifi er with
a maximum output of 400 W.
 Built-in HPF (High-Pass Filter), LPF (Low-Pass
 Protection circuit and indicator provided.
 Direct connection can be made with the
speaker output of your car audio unit if it is not
equipped with the line output (High level input
 Hi-level Sensing Power On feature allows unit
to be activated without need for REMOTE
 Pulse power supply* for stable and regulated
output power.
* Pulse power supply
This unit has a built-in power regulator which
converts the power supplied by the 12 V DC
car battery into high speed pulses using a
semiconductor switch. These pulses are stepped
up by the built-in pulse transformer and separated
into both positive and negative power supplies
before being converted into direct current again.
This is to regulate fl uctuating voltage from the car
battery. This light weight power supply system
provides a highly effi cient power supply with a low
impedance output.

Supplied Accessories

High input cable (2)
Ring rubber cushion
Screw (4)
Fuse 30A (2)
Getting Started