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Toshiba TLP S221 Owner's Manual page 4

3lcd data projector
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16. Damage Requiring Service
Unplug this product from the wall
outlet and refer servicing to
qualified service personnel under
the following conditions:
a) When the power-supply cord or
plug is damaged.
b) If liquid has been spilled, or
objects have fallen into the
c) If the product has been exposed to
rain or water.
d) If the product does not operate
normally by following the operating
instructions. Adjust only those
controls that are covered by the
operating instructions as an
improper adjustment of other
controls may result in damage and
will often require extensive work by
a qualified technician to restore
the product to its normal
e) If the product has been dropped or
damaged in any way.
f) When the product exhibits a
distinct change in performance -
this indicates a need for service.
17. If glass components,
including lens and lamp,
should break, contact your
dealer for repair service.
This product incorporates glass
components, including a lens and
a lamp. If such parts should
break, please handle with care to
avoid injury and contact your
dealer for repair service. The
broken pieces of glass may cause
to injury. In the unlikely event of
the lamp rupturing, thoroughly
clean the area around the
projector and discard any edible
items placed in that area.
18. Servicing
Do not attempt to service this
product yourself as opening or
removing covers may expose you
to dangerous voltage or other
hazards. Refer all servicing to
qualified service personnel.
19. Replacement Parts
When replacement parts are
required, be sure the service
technician has used replacement
parts specified by the
manufacturer or have the same
characteristics as the original part.
Unauthorized substitutions may
result in fire, electric shock, or
other hazards.
(Replacement of the lamp only
should be made by users.)
20. Safety Check
Upon completion of any service or
repairs to this product, ask the
service technician to perform
safety checks to determine that
the product is in proper operating
21. Do not leave thermal-paper
documents or easily
deformed items on top of
the unit or near the air
exhaust for long periods of
The heat from the unit could erase
the information on the thermal
paper, or cause deformation or
22. When using a wireless
LAN PC card
equipped with PC card slot):
• • • • • Do not use near people
with heart pacemakers
• • • • • Do not use near electronic
medical equipment, or in
hospitals or other medical
• • • • • Do not use inside aircraft
or in places where the
wireless LAN card could
interfere with
electromagnetic signals.
The electromagnetic interference
could cause a malfunction,
resulting in an accident.
23. If the use of a wireless
LAN PC card interferes
with another device's
electromagnetic signals,
cease use immediately.
(Models equipped with PC card
The electromagnetic interference
could cause a malfunction,
resulting in an accident.
24. Do not get your hands
between the camera arm
and the main unit when
setting the camera arm
back in its original
(Models equipped
with document camera)
To avoid injury, be careful not to
get your hands caught when
setting the camera arm back in its
original position.
Families with children should be
particularly careful.
25. Do not carry by the camera
(Models equipped with
document camera)
Do not carry the projector by the
camera arm. Doing so can result
in damage or injury.
26. Do not move the projector
while the arm is still erect.
(Models equipped with
document camera)
Always store the arm back in
position when moving the
projector. Otherwise injury or
damage may result.
27. Do not look into the arm
light while it is lit.
equipped with document
The strong light may cause
damage to your eyes or sight.
28. Do not carry the projector
by having the terminal
cover parts or the PC card
cover part
Doing so, the projector may fall if
that cover comes off, and injury or
damage may result.



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