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Lens And Main Unit Cleaning; Lamp Replacement - Toshiba TLP S221 Owner's Manual

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Lens and main unit cleaning

I Lens cleaning
• Clean the lens with a commercially available blower and/or
lens cleaner.
• The lens is easily scratched, so do not rub it with hard objects,
or strike it.
I Main unit cleaning
• Clean the main unit after unplugging the power cord.
• Wipe dirt off the main unit gently with a soft cloth.
• If the soiling is severe, dip the cloth in a neutral
detergent diluted in water, wring well, and gently wipe
off the dirt, then finish up by wiping with a dry cloth.
G Replacing air intake and exhaust fans, and air filter
To maintain the performance, it is recommended that these should be replaced about
every 2 to 3 years. Consult with your dealer for details.

Lamp replacement

A lamp is consumable supplies. If used for extended periods, images will appear dark, and
the lamp could burn out. This is characteristic of a lamp, and is not malfunction. (The
lifetime of the lamp depends on conditions of use.) If this happens, replace it with a new
• Request cleaning and maintenance of a ceiling-mounted unit from your projector
• When replacing, always use lamp "TLPLW2" (sold separately).
• If you have been using the projector, the lamp will be very hot, and may cause burn
Wait for the lamp to cool (for longer than 1 hour) before replacing it.
• If the lamp should break, please handle with care to avoid injury due to broken pieces
and contact your dealer for repair service.
Unplug power cord.
Wait until lamp is sufficiently cooled.
Wait for at least 1 hour.
Remove the lamp cover.
Loosen the screws, then pull up to direction of
the arrow with your fingers on the area shown
in the figure to remove the lamp cover. Be
careful to avoid breaking a nail or otherwise
injuring your fingers when doing so. (If the
screws are too tight to remove the lamp cover,
use any tool.)
Pull out the lamp.
Loosen the 2 screws holding the lamp in place,
and pull on the handle to remove the lamp.
Mount the new lamp.
Align the orientation, press down until the bottom is
reached, and lock in place using the two lamp
locking screws.
Replace the lamp cover.
Align the cover, and press it in, then screw in the
screws loosened in step
until the lamp cover is
no longer loose.
Reset the lamp timer.
See the lamp's manual for instructions on resetting
the lamp timer.
Notes and Precautions
• Press the
button twice to display (a rough guide) of the time of use from the Lamp
time item on the Status display menu.
• As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that the lamp should be replaced after 1,500
hours of use. When Lamp time reaches 1,500 hours, the
appear. When any operation is performed, the message disappears.
• Attach the lamp cover correctly so that it is not loose. If it is not attached correctly, the
lamp may fail to come on
, and the lamp's lifetime may be shortened.
• Always replace the lamp with a new one.
• The lamp is made out of glass. Do not touch the glass surface with your bare hands,
bang it, or scratch it. (Dirt, jolts, scratches and the like could break the lamp.)
Used Lamps
This projector's lamps contain trace amounts of environmentally harmful inorganic
mercury. Be careful not to break used lamps, and dispose it in accordance with local
Lamp cover
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