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Toshiba TLP S221 Owner's Manual page 18

3lcd data projector
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Using the wireless LAN PC card (Continued)
I Caution when using the wireless LAN functions
The Wireless LAN in this unit uses the 2.4 GHz waveband. If there is a similar wireless
LAN in the area, or a wireless device using the 2.4 GHz waveband, or a microwave
oven, the communication efficiency of this apparatus will be reduced, and may become
unusable, but it is not a fault. If this happens, check an area away from the current
location that will not cause radio interference to medical, industrial and public
equipment, and change to it, or stop using the unit.
I Preparation
G Mount the supplied wireless LAN PC card into the projector, and select
PC card input
Referring to "Mounting a PC card,"
select PC card input in accordance with "Select input"
G Projector settings
The factory settings can be used as-is. However, if you need higher security, SSID,
Encryption and Key should be changed.
SSID can be changed only by using Projector Configuration Tool software
Other items can be changed by using Projector Configuration Tool software or from
"PC card setting menu"
• [Communication mode]:
Your projector is set to Ad-Hoc in the factory. See "How to Use the Projector
Configuration Tool"
if you would like to set the mode to Infrastructure. This
menu item is used only for channel confirmation and the mode change from
Infrastructure to Ad-Hoc.
• [SSID]
This is an ID code for connecting to specific individuals over a wireless LAN. This may
also be called "Network group" or "Network name". Please read the following carefully.
1) The SSID is set to DPJ when shipped from the factory. If you leave this setting as it
is, it is possible that security may be compromised due to a third party using a
Wireless Utility within the possible communication area, so it is imperative that you
set a different SSID to the default settings before using the unit.
2) When you use the Ad-Hoc communication mode, if there is a similar SSID network
group (for example DPJ, DPJ1, DPJ2, etc.) in the possible communication area, it is
possible that your projector name will not be displayed in the Wireless Utility
projector list column. In this case, change the SSID to a completely different
character string.
• [Channel]
A channel can be changed by your choice. However, it will be changed automatically to
the other channel when the network group having the same SSID exists already in the
possible communication area.
mount the supplied wireless LAN PC card, then
• [Encryption]
Set the security encryption level. The higher the number of bits, the stronger the
encryption, and hence the harder it will be for a third party to decipher your
communications. However, setting higher encryption levels will slow down
communication speed.
When you need higher security, Encryption should be set to [128-bit].
• [Key]
The key must be set for any Encryption setting other than None. [64-bit] sets the key
length to 5 characters, [128-bit] to 13.
For security, a word written on a dictionary should not be used and Key should be
changed sometimes.
• [Projector name]
This can be used to identify projectors when communicating with multiple projectors, or
if there is a possibility that another person who is out of communication range will be
using the same projector. It is recommended this is set to prevent wrong transmission.
G Installing the applications
Install the applications on your computer, in accordance with "Installing the
G Computer settings
Refer to instruction manuals of your computer or wireless LAN PC card to perform the
following settings.
• Select Ad-Hoc (for some PC cards, this is Peer-to-Peer Group).
• Set the Channel to channel assigned to the projector (in factory reset mode, this is set
to 10). (For some computers, you cannot set the channel in Ad-Hoc mode. For this
case, use infrastructure communication mode.)
• Set SSID (For some types of PC card, use Network Name instead) as the same as
projector's SSID (at factory shipment, this is set to DPJ).
• If Encryption and Key are set on the projector, set to the same values.
Note) It is imperative that the projector and computer encryption settings are the same.
If the settings are different, the encryption may be invalid when sending in the ad
hoc communication mode, so be careful.



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