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2703 Features - IBM 2702 Information Manual

Transmission controls
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Telegraph Terminal Control Type 1.
2702 to operate with the AT&T 83B2/83B3 Selective
Calling Terminal or the Western Union Plan 115A
terminal. Three speeds are available:
45.5 bps
56.9 bps
74.2 bps
Telephone Company Type 1002 Chan-
nels or Western Union Class A
Telephone Company Type 1002 Chan-
nels or Western Union Class B
Telephone Company Type 1005 Chan-
nels or Western Union Class C
Telegraph Terminal Control Type II. Provides con-
trols for the attachment of Telephone Company Tele-
typewriter Exchange (TWX) Stations to the 2702.
Control is point-to-point over Common Carrier
Switched 150 baud TWX Service. Transmission
speed is 110 bps.
Terminal Control Expansion. Required if both IBM
and Telegraph terminals are to be attached to the
same 2702.
Additional Selective Speed Feature. Provides ability
to add an additional selective speed with IBM Ter-
minal Control Type I, Telegraph Terminal Control
Type I, and World Trade Telegraph Terminal Con-
trol. This feature allows one terminal control as-
signable within a 2702 to operate different lines at an
additional line rate (speed).
For example, IBM
Terminal Control Type I could operate IBM 1050,
1060, and/or 1070 terminals at 134.5 bps and 1070
terminals at 600 bps on the same 2702, but not on
the same communications line. Up to two Additional
Selective Speed features can be associated with one
terminal control, allowing it to handle three speeds.
The Additional Selective Speed feature can be associ-
ated with only one terminal control.
World Trade Telegraph Terminal Control.
the 2702 to operate with various European teleprinters
over single-current or double-current telegraph lines.
Speeds are 50 and 75 bps. (Only one speed may be
selected without an Additional Selective Speedfea-
ture.) The World Trade Terminal Control and the
Telegraph Terminal Control Type I are mutually
exclusive; that is, either feature may be chosen but
not both. An IBM 3945 is required to interface with
the telegraph line adapters controlled by this terminal
Remote Switch Attachment.
Used with a System/360
Model 65MP or Model 67 to provide partitioning and
the ability to attach the Two-Processor Switch feature
to the Multisystem features (#4951, #4952) on the
65MP or on the 2167 Configuration Unit.
2712 Line Adapter. Provides the interface between
the 2702 common controls and the 2712 Modell or
Model 2 Adapter feature.
One is required for each
line operating with the IBM 2712 Remote Multiplexer.
IBM 2712 (Models 1 and 2) Adapter. These adapters
are used in conjunction with an IBM 2712 Remote
Multiplexer. The Remote Multiplexer is a freestand-
ing unit located at the remote communications point.
allows up to 10 lines operating at 134.5 bps or 14
lines operating at 74.2 bps to be bit-multiplexed onto
one high-speed full-duplex communications line.
Models 1 and 2 of the 2712 Adapter perform demulti-
plexing and bit-multiplexing of the 10-line and 14-line
signals, respectively.
1032 Attachment Feature. Allows the IBM 1032
Digital Time Unit to be attached to line 1 of the 2702,
provided an IBM Terminal Control Type II, a Speed
Extension feature, and a Data Set Line Adapter or
IBM Line Adapter are available. Upon being polled,
the 1032 provides time data at 600 bps (60 cps) to the
IBM 2741 Break Feature. Provides for attachment
of the IBM 2741 CommuniCations Terminal with Inter-
rupt feature in timesharing and other applications ..
Isolation Feature. Allows power to be turned on or
off in the 2702 without generating spurious I/O chan-
nel signals.
2703 Features
The 2703 does not have anyone basic model. Certain
major functional units of the 2703 (the line base, line
set, and terminal control) must be ordered to fit the
customer's line configuration. However, there must
be at least one line base, line set, and terminal con-
The following are the features that are provided in
the 2703. They are divided according to line base,
line set, terminal control, and special features.
Line Base Features
Start/Stop Base Type I. Allows attachment to the
2703 of up to 88 half-duplex lines operating at speeds
up to 165 bps.



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