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Hood Exhaust Louver Removal; Removal Of Oven From Wall; Outer Case Removal - Frigidaire CGMV173KB Servicing

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Section 4 Component Teardown
The following adjustments or component replacement
can be performed without removing the oven from the
1. Hood lamps, sockets and grease filter.
2. Oven lamp, base cover and lamp glass assembly.
3. Turntable motor.
4. Hood exhaust louver.
5. Control panel assembly or components.
6. Stirrer cover and stirrer fan.

Hood Exhaust Louver Removal

1. Disconnect the power supply cord.
2. Open the oven door and block it open.
3. Remove the one (1) screw holding the outer case
cabinet to the oven cavity front face plate (the
position is front / center on the outer case cabinet).
4. Remove the two (2) screws holding the hood louver
to the oven cavity.
5. Remove the hood louver from the over by pushing
the right and left tabs of the hood louver.
6. Now, the hood exhaust louver is free.
Outer Case Cabinet
Hood Exhaust Louver
Figure 4-1.

Removal Of Oven From Wall

(Two persons recommended to remove the oven)
1. Disconnect the power supply cord, and uncoil the
power supply cord.
2. To discharge the high voltage capacitor, wait for 60
3. Remove the turntable tray and support from the
oven cavity.
4. While supporting the front of the oven, unfasten
the two (2) screws holding the oven to the unit
mounting plate.
5. While supporting the oven, remove the two (2)
screws holding the oven (outer case cabinet) to the
top cabinet.
6. Remove the oven from the unit mounting plate and
pull the power cord out of the wall cabinet.
7. The oven is now free and can be placed on the work
surface selected for servicing the oven.
8. Installation is the reverse of this procedure.

Outer Case Removal

Remove the oven from the wall and proceed as follows:
1. Disconnect the power supply cord.
2. Open the door and block it open.
3. Remove three (3) screws holding the hood exhaust
louver to the oven. (Refer to procedure of "HOOD
4. Remove four (4) screws holding the rear stay to the
hood fan motor or the oven, and remove it.
5. Remove the two (2) screws holding the left side of
the base cover to the outer case cabinet.
6. Remove the four (4) screws from the rear of the
outer case cabinet.
7. Slide the outer case cabinet back about 1 inch (3
cm) to free it from retaining clips on the cavity face
8. Disconnect the three (3) pin connector of the power
supply cord from the wiring harness and remove the
power supply cord together with the outer case.
9. Discharge high voltage capacitor.
Disconnect oven from power supply before
removing outer case.
Discharge the high voltage capacitor before
touching any oven components or wiring.


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