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About Provisioning Mode; Restart The Mobile Computer - Honeywell Dolphin CN80 NI Quick Start Manual

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Point the computer at the bar code.
Press and hold any Scan button. Center the aiming beam
over the bar code.
Note: Not all bar code symbologies are enabled by default. If a
bar code does not scan, the correct symbology may not be
enabled or Provisioning mode may be turned off. To learn
how to modify default settings, see the user guide.

About Provisioning Mode

After completing the out-of-box set up process, Provisioning
mode is automatically turned off. Scanning a bar code to install
applications, certificates, configuration files, and licenses on
the computer is restricted unless you enable Provisioning mode
in the Settings app. To learn more, see the user guide.

Restart the Mobile Computer

You may need to restart the mobile computer to correct
conditions where an application stops responding to the system
or the computer seems to be locked up.
Press and hold the Power button until the options menu
Select Reboot. If prompted to verify, select OK.
To restart the computer if the touch panel display is
• Press and hold the Power button for approximately 8 seconds
until the computer restarts.
Note: To learn about advanced reset options, see the user guide.



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