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Charge The Mobile Computer - Honeywell Dolphin CN80 NI Quick Start Manual

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Charge the Mobile Computer

Warning: Explosion Hazard - Batteries must only be changed
or charged in an area known to be non-hazardous. Use ONLY
Honeywell battery part number CX80-BAT-EXT-WRLS1 for
CN80 NI models or CX80G-BAT-EXT-WRLS for CN80G
Risqued'explosion-Les batteries doivent uniquement être
remplacées ou rechargées dans un endroit non dangereux.
Utilisez UNIQUEMENT Honeywell batterie
P/N CX80-BAT-EXT-WRLS1 pour les modèles CN80 ou
P/N CX80G-BAT-EXT-WRLS pour les modèles CN80G.
The battery ships with only a partial charge. Before initial use,
charge the battery with a Honeywell charging device for a
minimum of 4 hours. Using the computer while charging the
battery increases the time required to reach a full charge.
We recommend the use of Honeywell accessories and power
adapters. Use of any non-Honeywell accessories or power
adapters may cause damage not covered by the warranty.
CN80 mobile computers are designed for use with CX80 Series
charging accessories. CN80G models are designed for use with
CN80G charging accessories.
Ensure all components are dry prior to mating the computers
and batteries with peripheral devices. Mating wet
components may cause damage not covered by the warranty.



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