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Changing The Pronto Settings - Philips TSU9600/05 Starter Manual

Philips pronto home control panel tsu9600
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TSU9600 Starter's Guide
Turning the Control Panel On/Off
Always switch the Control Panel off during transport to prevent the touch screen from being
activated and draining the battery.

Changing the Pronto Settings

Your installer may have blocked access to the Settings pages. Normally, your installer will have
fully programmed your Control Panel and no changes are required.
To open the Settings pages:
Press and hold the Settings icon
General volume
covers all the sounds
you hear when you
operate the Control
Press and hold the '-' and '+' buttons to increase or decrease the setting faster.
Power switch
The Power switch on the
bottom of the Control
Panel turns the Control
Panel on and off.
for more than 3 seconds.
Version and network information as well as
memory status can be found on the Info Page.
Button volume
applies specifically to
the default sound you
hear when you press
a button.
To access the other Settings pages:
• Tap the different tabs.
To change Date & Time settings
1 Tap the Month, Day, Year or Time
This highlights the button.
2 Tap the '-' and '+' buttons to
adjust the date or time.
To change the Volume settings
• Tap the '-' and '+' buttons to
adjust the volume settings.


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