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Charging The Control Panel; Enjoying Your Pronto Control Panel; Controlling Your Home Theatre - Philips TSU9600/05 Starter Manual

Philips pronto home control panel tsu9600
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TSU9600 Starter's Guide

Charging the Control Panel

When the Battery level icon
The Control Panel will operate from one to several days depending on how your installer has
configured it.
The service life of the battery depends on the timeout settings and wireless network settings
configured by your installer. Please contact your installer if you notice that the battery is
When you place the Control Panel in the docking station, the red
Charging LED on the front of the docking station lights up.
When the Charging LED fades out, it means that the Control Panel
is fully charged. This can take 3 to 4 hours.
If the battery is low and the Charging LED does not light up, make
sure that:
• the power switch at the bottom of the Control Panel is switched to 1.
• the docking station is plugged into the mains. The docking station glows when it is plugged in.
• the Control Panel is located properly in the docking station.
• the panel connector is clean and free of obstructions.
IIt is recommended that the Control Panel be placed in the docking station after use. The Control
Panel still consumes power even while its screen has turned black.

Enjoying Your Pronto Control Panel

Controlling Your Home Theatre

Activating the Control Panel screen
Tap the touch screen with the stylus included with the Control panel or with your
Press the Backlight key.
on your screen turns red, it is time to charge the Control Panel.


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