Care And Maintenance 14~15 - Sanyo MIR-153 Instruction Manual

Cooled incubator
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Replacing the f luorescent lamp
[MIR-153, MIR-253]
Remove the 2 screws which hold the shade, work-
ing from underneath. The fluorescent lamp can
now be easily removed. Replace the lamp, refit
the shade and attach with the screws.
• Remove the 2 screws below the shade.
• Remove the lamp cover (tube made of transparent
resin) from the clip manually. It will come off
the frame by its sockets.
Remove lamp cover and rubber cap. The floures-
cent lamp wül also be detached.
Insert a new bulb into the lamp cover and adjust
it so that the prongs can be inserted into the
Push the lamp cover into the clip to secure it.
Insert the guide on top of the frame into the hole
in the frame and secure it with 2 screws.
Cleaning the evaporation tray
[MIR-153, MIR-253]
The evaporation tray is accessible from behind
the machine section of the unit. It should be wa-
ter-washed 2 or 3 times a year. Before removing
the evaporation tray, soak up any water it might
contain with a sponge or dry cloth. To remove
the tray, lift it slightly to disconnect it from the
fixing plate. Then lower the tray, disconnect the
drain pipe and pull it toward side of access. To
replace the tray, reverse the procedure.
Remove the 2 black screws at the bottom front
of the unit manually.
Pull the tray forward so that it touches the floor
and slide it out of the unit.

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