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Cooled incubator
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O If the temperature control is set for below 5°C,
the incubator could frost up. If the cooler is ob-
structed by the accumulation of frost, its cool-
ing capacity will be affected and there will
be.a rise in temperature. Check for frost accumu-
lation periodically through the observation win-
dow. If an excessive amount of frost has accumu-
lated, defrost. Any material high in water con-
tent that is kept in the incubator will contribute
to the accumulation of frost. The defroster, how-
ever, cannot be actuated unless the inside tempera-
ture is below -5°C.
© Any heat load placed in the unit and switched on
can cause a deviation of the inside temperature
from the set value. If this is the case, measure
the inside temperature with a precision thermo-
meter placed in the center of the cavity and
adjust the temperature control dial accordingly.
© The space in the cabinet is cooled by the forced
circulation of chilled air. It is important that
the air intake and exhaust ports not be obstruct-
ed in any way. Care should be taken to see that
foreign matter doesn't enter the unit through
the ports. This could cause a temperature devia-
tion from the set value.
O For some time after the unit has been started
or when the temperature is fairly high, the cabi-
net walls may heat up. This doesn't indicate a
malfunction. It indicates that the condensation
preventative/power economy function is per-
forming satisfactorily. Hot gases are piped from
the motor compressor along the front edges of
the cabinet to prevent condensation.
0 If dew accumulates on the front glass or the outer
surface of the frame, wipe it off with a soft cloth.


Q The unit should not be exposed to direct sun-
light. If the unit is installed in direct sunlight
a proper sunshade or shield should be provided.
© Adequate ventilation is necessary. A space of, at
least, 10 cm should be provided behind the unit.
ventilation can interfere with proper
O When it is desired to place an instrument re-
quiring a measuring cable and power cord in the
cabinet, the cable and cord can be led through
the access hole provided on the left side wall of
the cabinet. After instaËation, a rubber plug
should be provided as an insulation device. Fail-
ure to use a rubber plug can interfere with the
proper lowering of temperature and lead to con-
densation on the outside of the hole.
for this incubator is -10°C ~ +35 C.
0 When replacing the glass protection plate, work
carefully since it can be broken or damaged if
subjected to excessive force. The replacement
procedure can be found under the heading "Care
and Maintenance." (MIR 152, MIR 252 only)
©Two control methods are available for the unit:
PID control
When the temperature is set about
15°C higher than the ambient temperature.
There is little temperature cycle.
ON-OFF control
not higher than the ambient temperature by
about 15°C, inside temperature range is about
2°C, resulting from cycle running.
© For the method of setting the high/low tempera-
ture alarm, please refer to procedure under the
neous setting of either alarm can result in a tem-
perature control error.
(D Check the set value in the case of power off or
power failure. If the set value has been changed,
there is possibility to give a damage to contents.
O Installation should be done on a solid and level
surface. Installation on a solid and level surface
ensures against abnormal vibration and noise.
O The unit should not be installed in a damp area
or near a sink or faucet.
0 The unit should be kept away from heat sources
such as a stove or heater.
When the set temperature is

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