Sanyo MIR-153 Instruction Manual
Sanyo MIR-153 Instruction Manual

Sanyo MIR-153 Instruction Manual

Cooled incubator


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Cooled Incubator


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Summary of Contents for Sanyo MIR-153

  • Page 1 Downloaded from INSTRUCTION MANUAL MIR-153 MIR-253 MIR-553 Cooled Incubator MIR-153 MIR-253 MIR-553...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Downloaded from Be sure to obey this manual for safety. Thank you for your purchase of the Sanyo You must conform to this manual after incubator. Please read these instructions care- read ing throughout well, because this fully before using.
  • Page 3 Downloaded from Keep these rules for safety by all means. !\WARNING! Don't use it outdoors. When is used at When the repair, maintenance and in- the place splashing the rainwater, this spection is done, change the power sup- may cause electrical leak/shock. ply switch to stop and disconnect the power supply plug.
  • Page 4 Downloaded from Place the unit on a level and strong Don't get onto and put a thing on the product. Turning over, damage and fall- place and perform the prevention of turn- ing may cause injury. ing over. When installation is incomplete, this may cause injury by liquid leak, fall- ing and turning over the product.
  • Page 5: A Few Precautions

    Downloaded from A FEW PRECAUTIONS O Do not use two-way sockets etc, because it The maximum heat load capacity acceptable to could cause problems. Also use an exclusive this incubator is shown in Figures 2, 3 and 4 breaker. under the heading "TROUBLE SHOOTING."...
  • Page 6: Cautions

    Downloaded from CAUTIONS O When it is desired to place an instrument re- O If the temperature control is set for below 5°C, quiring a measuring cable and power cord in the the incubator could frost up. If the cooler is ob- cabinet, the cable and cord can be led through structed by the accumulation of frost, its cool- the access hole provided on the left side wall of...
  • Page 7: Name And Function Of Parts 6~7

    O Observation window ©Drain hole- A 3-ply heat ray absorbing glass -©Lock panel which arrests incoming heat rays (MIR-153 and 253 only) " ©Door switch The cabinet interior can ©Evaporation tray ©Adjustable legs screened from light if the glass protection plate is substituted for one of black.
  • Page 8 © Glass protection plate (MIR-153 and 253 only) A black plate may be substituted when it is desired that the interi- or of the cabinet be screened from light.
  • Page 9: Operating Instructions 8~13

    Downloaded from OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Name and Function of Each Operation Key and Lamp on the Control Panel • Prevention of Extremities of Temperature The operation keys on the front panel allow Being Reached (LIMIT) the following functions. O Alarm setting key (SET) (1) Setting of temperature.
  • Page 10 The terminal for the remote alarm is located in the Program step lamp box at the rear top of the frame. (MIR-153, MIR- When this lamp is lit, each step of the programmed 253) operation is conducted.
  • Page 11 Downloaded from OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS In this section, temperature settings for the incubator, excessively high/low temperature prevention settings, program settings, program change and start/stop for programmed operation will be explained. The incubator's alarm function will also be described. Before Using Control Panel Table 2 Digital display section Key operation...
  • Page 12 Downloaded from [Sample case] OExcessively low temperature ©Program operating prevention knob (LOW) When the interior temperature start/stop key OExcessively high temperature prevention knob (HIGH) of the cabinet is maintained at © Defrost display lamp 10°C for one hour (Step 1), it must be maintained at 25°C ©...
  • Page 13 Downloaded from OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Table 6 Alteration of Program (For step 1, alter the procedure f r o m *4 onward.) in Steps Display sample Key operation Step display Unit display after operation To conduct program step 1 only, follow the procedure Enter the recurrent Light off _ n n...
  • Page 14 When cabinet interior Compressor OFF low temperature temperature falls below prevention circuitry excessively low temper- ature prevention setting Temperature fuse 70°C (MIR-153, 253) Blowout heaterOFF 76°C (MIR-553) Blowout heaterOFF Power failure or Operation continues Memory backup (about 5 hours) accidental disconnection...
  • Page 15: Care And Maintenance 14~15

    Replacing the f luorescent lamp Remove lamp cover and rubber cap. The floures- cent lamp wül also be detached. [MIR-153, MIR-253] Insert a new bulb into the lamp cover and adjust Remove the 2 screws which hold the shade, work- ing from underneath.
  • Page 16 Q Cleaning the cabinet interior O Setting the shelves The shelves can be adjusted to the height of [MIR-153, MIR-253] items placed inside. To adjust the height, insert • Turn off the power switch. the self-support clips (4 per shelf) into the slots •...
  • Page 17: Trouble Shooting

    If the unit does not function even after these changes have been made, contact your nearest Sanyo Service Center. Details of the following items should accompany any enquires: (1) Conditionoftrouble...
  • Page 18: Attention

    Use of other rating may cause fire or electric shock. CIRCUIT BREAKER MIR-153 MIR-253 CIRCUIT BREAKER MIR-553 ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS This equipment is designed to be safe at least under...
  • Page 19: Specifications

    Downloaded from SPECIFICATIONS MIR-153 MIR-253 MIR-553 Model 700(W) x 580(D) x 1018(H)mm 700(W) x 580(D) x 1618(H)mm 800(W) x 832(D) x 1810(H)mm Exterior dimensions 620(W) x 386(D) x 555(H)mm 620(W) x 386(D) x 1075(H)mm 640(W) x 550(D) x 1160(H)mm...
  • Page 20 Downloaded from SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Refrigeration Products Division 7FB6P101192003 1 -1 - 1 , Sakata Oizumi-Machi, Ora-Gun, Gunma 370-0596 Japan Recycled paper Printed in Japan...

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