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Additional Features; Key Lock; Locking The Keypad; Unlocking The Keypad - Philips DECT2254S/05 User Manual

Philips cordless phone answer machine dect2254s
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Key lock

Keypad can be locked to prevent accidental key press. When the keypad is locked, you can still answer an
incoming call by pressing the TALK key. During the call, the keypad is active. When the call is ended, the
keypad will be locked again.

Locking the keypad

Press and hold the KEY LOCK key. LOCKED appears on the display.

Unlocking the keypad

Press and hold the OK key .

Shortcut for turning handset ringer on/off

You can use this shortcut to turn on/off the handset ringer.
Press and hold the RINGER OFF key.
appears to indicate the ringer is turned off. The handset will not emit any sound for any incoming call.

Message waiting indication (MWI)

If you have subscribed to the voicemail service from your local service provider,
message in your mailbox. After having listened to all the new messages,
You can also turn it off by pressing the EXIT key for 2 seconds during standby.

Finding a handset

You can locate the handsets by using this feature.
Press the PAGING key on the base.
Note: All handsets registered to the base will produce the paging tone for 30 seconds and the screen displays
blinking oooo .
Stop the paging
You can stop the paging by pressing any key on each handset or pressing the PAGING key on the base again.

Additional features

turns on when you have a new
will turn off.



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