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Call Records; Finding Out Who Called You (Call List); Checking Your Call Records; Calling Back From A Call Record - Philips DECT2254S/05 User Manual

Philips cordless phone answer machine dect2254s
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Finding out who called you (Call List)

If you have subscribed to caller ID service, your phone automatically stores the last 20 incoming calls. Each record
stores a name up to 8 characters and a number up to 20 digits.
If you have more than one handset, each handset has its own call list.
Order of display
If caller's name is available (subscription needed), the first 8 characters will be displayed. If the name is not
available, the first 12 digits of the caller's number will be displayed.
Matching your phonebook record
If the caller's number matches a phone number stored in the phonebook, that phonebook name will be displayed
instead of the Caller ID name.

Checking your call records

Press the Caller ID key. The caller name of the most recent call record is displayed.
Press the OK key to view the number.
Press the OK key again to see the date / time when the call was received.
Note: Whether you are viewing the name, number or date / time, pressing the UP key will display the next
older record and the DOWN key the next newer record.

Calling back from a call record

While you are viewing a call record, you can return the call, provided that it contains a valid phone
number, by pressing the TALK key.

Saving the call records to your phonebook

To save the phone number of your family, friends, and colleagues, you can save the call records to your phonebook if you
do not already have their contact information.
While you are viewing the call record that you would like to save,
Press the PHONEBOOK key.
Edit the caller's name if necessary, or enter a name if caller's name is not available.
Press the OK key to save the name.
Edit the number if necessary.
Press the OK key.
Note: The call record is now saved into the phonebook. The call record is still in your call list but it will show
the new name entered.

Call records




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