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Using Multi-Handsets; Calling Someone In The House; Calling Someone In The House While You Are Talking On The Phone - Philips DECT2254S/05 User Manual

Philips cordless phone answer machine dect2254s
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Note: You need at least 2 handsets to carry out the functions mentioned in this section.

Calling someone in the house

You can call someone in the house by using the intercom function on your phone. These internal calls have no cost
To make an intercom call:
Press the INTERCOM key and wait for the internal dialling tone.
Press the number of the handset that you want to call.
Note: You will hear a busy tone if the other handset is not available.
If an external call comes in while you are on an intercom call, the caller ID will display if you have subscribed for caller
ID service.
To answer the external call:
Press the END key to end the intercom call.
Press the TALK key to answer the external call.
To exit the intercom call:
Press the END key or place handset on cradle.

Calling someone in the house while you are talking on the phone

While you are on an external call, you can put the external call on hold and make a call (inquiry call) to someone in the house.
To make an inquiry call during an external call:
Press the INTERCOM key.
Press the handset number that you want to call.
Wait for the other handset to answer your call.
Note: After the other handset has answered, you can press the INTERCOM key repeatedly to switch
between the external call and the intercom call.
Note: If the other handset does not answer, press the INTERCOM key again to cancel the attempt and return to
the external call.

Using multi-handsets




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