Digital Tuner; Using The Alarm - Philips AJ260/05 User Manual

Philips weather clock radio aj260
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Digital tuner

Digital tuner
Tuning to radio station
1 Press RADIO ON/OFF to switch on the
radio (FM only).
➜ The radio station frequency and the wave-
band will be displayed. (See 3).
2 Press and hold TUNING +/- until the
frequency in the display starts running.
➜ The radio automatically tunes to a station
of sufficient reception.
3 Repeat step 2 if necessary until you find the
desired station.
To tune to a weak station, press TUNING
+/- briefly and repeatedly until you have
found optimal reception.
To improve reception:
FM: Extend and adjust the pigtail for optimum
Programming radio stations
You can store up to a total of 10 radio sta-
tions in the memory (10 FM) manually or
automatically (Auto store). Any previous pre-
sets will be erased.
Manual programming
1 Tune to your desired station (see Tuning to
radio stations).
2 Press and hold PRESET +/- to activate pro-
➜ Display: PRSET flashes.
3 Press PRESET +/- once or more to allocate
a number from 1 to 10.
4 Repeat steps 1-3 to store other stations.
Helpful hints:
You can erase a preset station by storing
another frequency in its place.
Autostore automatically starts programming
radio stations from preset 1. Any previous
presets e.g. manually programmed will be
1 In radio mode, press AUTO SCAN/DATE
until the frequency in the display starts
➜ Available stations are programmed (FM).
After all stations are stored, the first auto-
store preset station will then automatically
To listen to a preset or autostore
Press the PRESET +/- buttons once or
more until the desired preset station is dis-

Using the alarm

AJ260 allows you to simultaneously set two
different alarms (ALARM 1 and ALARM 2 )
which can go off in the radio or buzzer
mode.The clock time needs to be set
correctly before using alarm.
Setting alarm time
1 Press briefly ALM 1 or ALM 2 to display
AL1 or AL2 icon.
2 Press and hold ALM 1/ ALM 2 for two
➜ The hour digits flash.
3 Hold down or press TUNING +/- repeat-
edly to adjust the hours.
4 Press ALM 1/ALM 2 to confirm the setting.
➜ AL1/AL2 icon and the minute digits flash.
5 Hold down or press TUNING +/- repeat-
edly to adjust the minutes.
6 Press ALM 1/ALM 2 to confirm the setting.
Helpful hints:
– In standby mode, press DATE to display
month and day information. In radio mode,
to display alarm time, press ALM 1/ALM 2.
Selecting alarm mode (activating)
1 Press RADIO ON/OFF to switch to stand-
2 Select your choice of alarm mode: either
radio, or buzzer by using the RADIO•BUZ
3 Press ALM 1/ALM 2 once or more to
➜ When alarm is activated,
(See 4).
At the set alarm time, radio or buzzer will
switch on automatically.
is displayed.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents