Troubleshooting - Canon 15x50 IS ALL WEATHER Instructions Manual

Image stabilizer
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If there is a problem with the binoculars, first refer to the table below to see
if you can resolve it. If the problem cannot be resolved, take the binoculars
to your nearest Canon Service Center.
The image is not clear.
The Image Stabilizer does
not operate.
When the binoculars are
shaken severely while the
Image Stabilizer is operating,
there is a strange noise.
There are air bubbles in the


Probable Cause
The lens is dirty.
The width of the binoculars
does not suit the width
between your eyes.
The diopter has not been
properly set.
The binoculars are not
properly focused.
There are no batteries
When the Image Stabilizer
button is pressed, the lamp
does not light.
The battery power is low.
The batteries are exhausted.
Air bubbles may form in the
lens when the atmospheric
pressure is low in airborne
airplanes or on high
mountains. This is not a
Corrective Measures
Use a blower brush to
remove dust, etc., from the
lens surface. Then use a
soft, dry cloth to wipe the
lens gently.
Adjust the width of the
(see step 4).
Adjust the diopter
(see step 5).
Focus the binoculars
(see step 6).
Load batteries having
enough power.
If the lamp does not light, it
means the batteries are
exhausted. Replace the
batteries with new ones.
Even if the lamp lights, the
Image Stabilizer may not
operate if the batteries are
exhausted. Replace the
batteries with new ones.
Replace the batteries with
new ones.
The air bubbles will usually
disappear after about a
week, depending on the
atmospheric pressure and
operating conditions.

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