Using The Image Stabilizer - Canon 15x50 IS ALL WEATHER Instructions Manual

Image stabilizer
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Adjust the focus.
While you look through the binoculars, the image may be shaking and
difficult to see since your hands are holding the binoculars. In such a case,
the Image Stabilizer can help steady the image.
There are two ways to use the Image Stabilizer. You can turn on the Image
Stabilizer as long as you hold down the Image Stabilizer button and or you
can turn on the Image Stabilizer for 5 minutes.
• The Image Stabilizer may not be able to compensate for severe shaking.
• When the battery power is low, the Image Stabilizer may generate noise and
vibration. The image stabilization is not affected by this.
• Even without batteries loaded, the binoculars can still be used as is.

Using the Image Stabilizer

Look through the eyepiece and turn
the focusing knob until the object
looks sharp.
■ Holding down the button
The Image Stabilizer operates
continuously while you hold down the
button. When you let go of the button,
the Image Stabilizer stops operating.
■ Five-minute operation
Just press the button once and let go,
and the Image Stabilizer will operate
continuously for five minutes.
To stop the Image Stabilizer
operation, press the button again.
• The lamp lights while the Image Stabilizer
is on.

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Table of Contents

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