Cautionary Notes - Canon 15x50 IS ALL WEATHER Instructions Manual

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For the Binoculars
(1) Never look at the sun or a bright light with the binoculars. Doing so
can cause loss of vision.
(2) The binoculars are water-resistant enough for use in the rain.
However, they are not for underwater use.
(3) If the binoculars are taken from a cold environment to a warm one,
condensation may develop on the surface and internal parts. To
prevent condensation, first put the binoculars into an airtight plastic
bag before taking it to a warm environment. Let it gradually adjust to
the warmer temperature, then take out the binoculars. Do the same
when taking the binoculars from a warm environment to a cold one.
(4) Binoculars are precision instruments. Do not drop them or subject
them to shock. Never attempt to disassemble them.
(5) If the binoculars get wet, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the water. If
the binoculars have been exposed to salt air or salt water, use a well-
wrung damp cloth to wipe them off.
(6) High temperatures can cause the binoculars to malfunction. Do not
store them close to a heater or in a closed car on a sunny day.
(7) If the lens is dirty, first use a blower brush to remove dust, etc., from
the lens surface. Then use a soft, dry cloth and wipe the lens gently
without scratching it. Do not use any organic solvent on the body or
(8) Storing the binoculars in a humid location may cause fungus on the
lenses. If the binoculars are not to be used for an extended period,
clean the lenses and body thoroughly and store in a well-ventilated dry
(9) Avoid storing the binoculars in a laboratory or a location where
corrosive chemicals are present. Also avoid storage in a chest of
(10) When the binoculars are not to be used for a prolonged period,
remove the batteries. If the batteries are left inside, they may leak,
causing corrosion, malfunction or fire.

Cautionary Notes


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Table of Contents

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