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Canon 10x42L IS WP Instructions Manual

Canon 10x42L IS WP Instructions Manual

Image stabilizer
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  • Page 1 BINOCULARS Instructions...
  • Page 2 Thank you for purchasing a Canon product. Canon 10 × 42L IS WP high-performance, waterproof binoculars featuring an Image Stabilizer with a Canon-developed vari-angle prism. Before using the binoculars, read this instruction booklet to familiarize yourself with the proper operation.
  • Page 3: Handling Cautions

    Handling Cautions For the Binoculars (1) The binoculars are waterproof, however they are not for underwater use. (2) Binoculars are precision instruments. Do not drop them or subject them to shock. Never attempt to disassemble them. (3) High temperatures can cause the binoculars to malfunction. Do not store them close to a heater or in a closed car on a sunny day.
  • Page 4 All Canon Binoculars are composed only of “Environment Friendly Lead-Free Optical Glass”. The design is derived from Canon’s corporate policy to care about our environment. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 5 If the O-ring is broken, cut or distorted, or if more than two years have passed since you purchased the binoculars, bring them to a Canon Service Center to have the O-ring replaced. It is recommended to replace the O-ring every two years (for a fee).
  • Page 6 Nomenclature Lamp Focusing knob Eyecup Image Stabilizer button Objective lenses Filter (sold separately) attachment thread Tripod socket String attachment location Battery chamber cover Objective lens caps Dioptric correction scale Dioptric correction ring Eyepiece lens caps Strap mount Eyepiece lenses Strap hole The 52mm filter (sold separately) can be attached to the filter attachment thread.
  • Page 7 Nomenclature Case Extra battery compartment Strap mount Attach the case strap included in the package to the case. How to Attach Lens Caps Attaching Objective Lens Caps Attach them by pushing them against the filter attachment thread. Attaching Eyepiece Lens Caps Attach them over the eyecups.
  • Page 8: Installing The Strap

    The strap is designed to hang on the neck in a specific direction. Install the strap in a manner so that the Canon logo at the center of the strap appears as in the illustration when the strap is hanging from the neck.
  • Page 9: Loading The Batteries

    Apporox. 2.5 hours Size-AA alkaline batteries Apporox. 2.5 hours Apporox. 10 minutes (Based on Canon’s testing conditions.) Size-AA manganese batteries are not recommended due to their low energy. Change batteries when the binoculars are dry and there is no moisture or dirt.
  • Page 10: Before You Start

    Before You Start Check that the lamp lights. Press the Image Stabilizer button and check that the lamp lights. Adjust the eyecup position. When using the binoculars while wearing eyeglasses, turn the eyecups to adjust the height for easy viewing. Adjust the width of the binoculars.
  • Page 11 Before You Start Adjust the diopter. First look with the left eye only and adjust the focusing knob until the object looks sharp. Push the dioptric correction ring in the direction shown by the arrow until you hear a click. Then look with the right eye only at the same object while turning the dioptric correction ring until the object looks...
  • Page 12: Using The Image Stabilizer

    Using the Image Stabilizer While you look through the binoculars, the image may be shaking and difficult to see since your hands are holding the binoculars. In such a case, the Image Stabilizer can help steady the image. There are two ways to use the Image Stabilizer. You can turn on the Image Stabilizer as long as you hold down the Image Stabilizer button and or you can turn on the Image Stabilizer for 5 minutes.
  • Page 13: After Use

    Do not swing the binoculars in an attempt to shake off water, or use a hair drier or similar item to dry them, or wash them in a washing machine. If the binoculars are heavily soiled or large amounts of sand are on the binoculars, consult with a Canon Service Counter. ENG-12...
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide If there is a problem with the binoculars, first refer to the table below to see if you can resolve it. If the problem cannot be resolved, take the binoculars to your nearest Canon Service Center. Problem Probable Cause Corrective Measure The image is not clear.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Specifications 10×42L IS WP Type Prism binoculars Magnification 10× Objective lens effective 42 mm (52mm filter can also be attached) diameter Real field of view 6.5˚ Apparent field of view / 59.2° (Calculated based on ISO 14132-1:2002) Field of view at 1000 m / yds 114 m / 374 ft Exit pupil diameter 4.2 mm...
  • Page 16 EEE. Your cooperation in the correct disposal of this product will contribute to the effective usage of natural resources. For more information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, waste authority, approved scheme or your household waste disposal service or visit, or ENG-15...
  • Page 17 YT1-7924-011 0515Ni © CANON INC. 2005...

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