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Philips BDP7200/98 User Manual

Philips blu-ray disc player bdp7200.
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at BDP7200 Blu-Ray Disc Player...
  • Page 2 O: Indicates that this toxic or hazardous substance contained in all of the homogeneous materials for this part is below the limit requirement in SJ/T11363 – 2006. X: Indicates that this toxic or hazardous substance contained in at least one of the homogeneous materials used for this part is above the limit requirement in SJ/T11363 - 2006.
  • Page 3 Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. HDMI, and HDMI logo and High-Defi nition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI licensing LLC. Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #’s: 5,451,942;...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Important Safety and important notice Recycle notice Copyright notice 2 Your product Features highlight Symbols used in this user manual Product overview Front panel Back panel Remote control Guide to on-screen display 3 Connect Connect video cables Option 1: Connect to HDMI socket Option 2: Connect to component video socket Option 3: Connect to video socket...
  • Page 5 6 Adjust settings List of settings [Language] settings [Video Output] settings [Audio] settings [Parental] settings [Others] settings [Factory Default] settings Set-up Set TV screen display format Set HDMI video resolution Set HDMI audio output format Set digital output format Speaker Setup Set parental lock Activate EasyLink control Reset to factory default...
  • Page 6: Important

    1 Important Safety and important notice Warning! Risk of fi re or electric shock! • Ensure that air can circulate freely through the ventilation holes on this unit. Allow at least 5~10 cm clearance around the unit. • Never expose this unit to direct sunlight, naked fl...
  • Page 7: Your Product

    2 Your product Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to Philips! To fully benefi t from the support that Philips offers, register your product at This Blu-ray disc player offers full high-defi nition video playback up to 1080p resolution for an amazing viewing experience.
  • Page 8: Symbols Used In This User Manual

    About EasyLink (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) EasyLink (HDMI CEC) allows you to operate the linked functions of this player with Philips brand TV with EasyLink feature. Note • Philips does not guarantee 100% interoperability with all HDMI CEC devices. PiP (Picture-In-Picture) (BONUSVIEW)
  • Page 9: Product Overview

    Product overview Front panel • Press to turn the unit on and off. Disc tray • Place a disc when opening the disc tray. Z (Open/Close) • Press to open or close the disc tray. Front panel display • Display playback status icon and various kinds of information.
  • Page 10: Back Panel

    Back panel HDMI OUT VIDEO OUT socket • Use to connect a TV monitor, an AV receiver/amplifi er or other device with an RCA video cable. COMPONENT VIDEO OUT sockets • Use to connect a TV monitor with component video inputs with a component video cable.
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    Remote control (Standby-On) • Press to turn the unit on and off. OPEN/CLOSE Z • Press to open or close the disc tray. • Press to switch picture in picture feature on/off. (only applicable to BD-video which supports the PIP function) ZOOM •...
  • Page 12 VOL +- • Press to adjust the TV volume (only applicable to the PHILIPS brand TV). MUTE H • Press to mute the TV volume (only applicable to the PHILIPS brand TV). REW m • During playback, press to fast reverse the playback.
  • Page 13 Installing the batteries in the remote control Install the batteries (R6/AA x2) matching the polarity indicated inside battery compartment of the remote control. Open the cover. Insert batteries. +and - on the • Make sure to match batteries to the marks indicated in the battery compartment.
  • Page 14: Guide To On-screen Display

    Guide to on-screen display Home menu When you turn on the unit, home menu appears automatically. Otherwise, press HOME. Blu-ray Disc Player Disc Tray Settings Product info [Disc Tray] • To access the track/fi le list or media fi lter screen. [Settings] •...
  • Page 15: Connect

    TV can support. • Analogue audio connection is needed for HDMI-DVI connection. • Philips recommends HDMI category 2 cable, also known as High Speed HDMI cable, for optimal audio / video output. • A simple 1-cable connection with a device having an HDMI (High-Defi...
  • Page 16: Option 2: Connect To Component Video Socket

    • This type of connections provide best picture quality. Option 2: Connect to component video socket Component video cable COMPONENT VIDEO OUT PR/CR PB/CB Connect the component video cable (not supplied) to the COMPONENT socket on this unit and the VIDEO OUT component video input sockets on your •...
  • Page 17: Route Audio To Other Devices

    Route audio to other devices This section describes how you can route the sound from this Blu-ray disc player to other devices in order to enjoy sound output or audio play with surround capabilities. Connect to analogue stereo system AUDIO IN AUDIO RCA audio cable Connect an RCA audio cable (supplied) to...
  • Page 18: Connect To Multi Channel Amplifi Er/ Receiver

    Connect to multi channel amplifi er/ receiver FRONT SURROUND CENTRE SUBWOOFER 5.1ch AUDIO OUT Connect a 5.1ch audio cables (not supplied) to the 5.1ch AUDIO OUT sockets on this unit and the audio input sockets on the device. • To set up the speakers, refer to chapter ‘Adjust settings - List of settings’...
  • Page 19: Get Started

    • Or press ‘2’ on the TV’s remote control, then press channel down button repeatedly until you see the PHILIPS splash screen. • This is the correct viewing channel (external input channel). • If a certain amount of time has passed...
  • Page 20: Play

    This unit cannot play back the following discs: • Due to the intentional progression of the Blu-ray disc format by its standard setting authority, Philips cannot guarantee or warrant the playability of future extensions of the Blu-ray disc format with this product.
  • Page 21: Region Codes

    Region codes This unit has been designed to play back BD-video with region ‘A’ and DVD-video with region ‘3’ or ‘ALL’. You cannot play back BD-video or DVD video that are labelled for other regions. Look for the symbols on the right on your BD-video or DVD-video.
  • Page 22: Guide To fi Le List

    Guide to fi le list Audio CD track list BD-Player Music Track 001 Track 002 Track 003 Track 004 Track 005 CDDA Track 006 Track 001 Track 007 Track 008 Page Up 1 Total track number 2 Repeat status 3 Image 4 Elapsed playing time of the current track 5 Playing track number 6 Total time of the current track...
  • Page 23: Basic Playback

    How to navigate through the track/fi le list Button Action To move the highlight up and down in the list. To access the fi les in a group (folder). To to back to the previous screen. • Or highlight ( press OK.
  • Page 24: Play An Audio Cd/mp3/wma/jpeg fi Les

    Play an audio CD/MP3/WMA/JPEG fi les Insert a disc. Audio CD: track list appears and playback starts automatically. MP3/WMA/JPEG fi les: Home menu appears. With [Disc Tray] selected, press OK. Media fi lter screen appears. Blu-ray Disc Player Disc Tray Settings Product info Select the type of the fi...
  • Page 25: Access Title/disc Menu

    Access title/disc menu Some BD-video or DVD-video may contain a title menu which describes the contents of the disc, or a disc menu which guides you through the available functions in the disc. With such discs, a title menu or a disc menu may appear automatically when you insert the disc.
  • Page 26: Step-by-step Play

    Step-by-step play In pause mode, press PAUSE X repeatedly. • Every time you press playback advances one step at a time. Press PLAY to return to the normal playback. Note • Only step-by-step forward is available. Zoom in/out During playback, press ZOOM repeatedly. •...
  • Page 27: A-b Repeat Play

    MP3 / WMA Group Repeat • The current group (folder) will be played back repeatedly. Audio CD / Random Repeat DTS CD • Repeat the random playback. MP3 / WMA Random Repeat • Repeat the random playback in a folder. Note •...
  • Page 28: Pip (picture-in-picture) (bonusview) Setting

    Note • Large-size JPEG fi les take a few moments to be displayed. PiP (Picture-In-Picture) (BONUSVIEW) setting Some BD-videos have the PiP function which enables you to display the secondary video in the primary video. You can call up the secondary video by pressing PIP whenever the scene contains the secondary video.
  • Page 29: Time Search

    Use the number buttons (direct search) Title search In stop mode, enter the title number you want to search using the number buttons. Playback of the title starts in a few seconds. Chapter search During playback of a title, enter the chapter number you want to search using the number buttons.
  • Page 30: Switch Audio Soundtrack

    Switch audio soundtrack When playing back a video material recorded with two or more sound tracks (these are often in different languages), you can switch them during playback. During playback, press AUDIO to bring up the information bar. Dolby Digital Primary English Press...
  • Page 31: Adjust Settings

    6 Adjust settings List of settings In the settings menu, you can customise the various kinds of settings as you prefer. Refer to the following instruction to navigate through the settings menus. Press HOME to access the home menu. Press to select [Settings], then press OK.
  • Page 32: [video Output] Settings

    [Video Output] settings [TV Shape*] • Refer to chapter ‘Set-up - Set TV screen display format’ for more information. Option Description [4:3 Letter Set the aspect ratio of the Box] playback image to fi t your [4:3 Pan&Scan] [16:9 Widescreen] [16:9 Squeeze] [HDMI 1080p/24] •...
  • Page 33 [Component Output] Option Description [480i/576i] Set the resolution for the component output picture. [480p/576p] • The selected resolution [720p] must also be supported by your TV monitor. [1080i] • Refer also to your TV’s manual. • If you have selected the resolution not supported by your TV by mistake and the picture gets...
  • Page 34: [audio] Settings

    [Audio] settings [Night Mode] Option Description [Auto] Activate the Night mode only during playback of Dolby TrueHD audio. [On] Night mode compresses the range between soft and loud sounds. Select this setting for quiet viewing at night. [Off] Enjoy surround sound with a full dynamic range.
  • Page 35: [parental] Settings

    [Digital Out] • When HDMI cable is connected, make sure [HDMI Audio] setting is set to [Off] before you change this setting. Refer to chapter ‘Set-up - Set digital output format’ for more information. Option Description [Bitstream] Set the audio format for the sound output from the [PCM] DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL/...
  • Page 36: [others] Settings

    The pictures fade in and out as playback progresses. Description Set whether to utilise the EasyLink (HDMI CEC) function. EasyLink (HDMI CEC) function allows your PHILIPS brand EasyLink TV to act in conjunction with this unit or vice versa.
  • Page 37: [factory Default] Settings

    [Factory Default] settings [Settings] Option Description [Yes] Reset all the settings to the factory default, except for [Parental] setting . [No] Does not perform the initialisation. [Local Storage] Option Description [Yes] Initialise (clean up) the area used for BD application. [No] Does not perform the initialisation.
  • Page 38: Set Hdmi Video Resolution

    Set HDMI video resolution Set the resolution of the video signal being output from the HDMI OUT. Press HOME. Select [Settings] > [Advanced Set-up] > [Video Output] > [HDMI Video Resolution]. When you make a selection, the TV monitor temporarily goes blank and then comes back again.
  • Page 39: Set Hdmi Audio Output Format

    Set HDMI audio output format Press HOME. Select [Settings] > [Advanced Set-up] > [Audio] > [HDMI Audio]. Refer to the table below to see which setting you should choose. [HDMI Audio] setting [Blu-ray Disc Audio] setting Media Audio source BD-video Dolby DIgital Dolby Digital Plus Dolby TrueHD...
  • Page 40: Set Digital Output Format

    Set digital output format Press HOME. Select [Settings] > [Advanced Set-up] > [Audio] > [Digital Out]. Refer to the table below to see which setting you should choose. [Digital Out] setting [Blu-ray Disc Audio] setting Media Audio source BD-video Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Plus Dolby TrueHD DTS-HD...
  • Page 41: Speaker Setup

    Speaker Setup Set the speaker confi guration to suite the size/ number of your speakers. Press HOME. Select [Settings] > [Advanced Set-up] > [Audio] > [Analogue Audio]> [Speaker Setup]. Highlight the speaker you want to set in the illustration on the right. Speaker Setup Speaker Distance Speaker Level...
  • Page 42: Set Parental Lock

    Set parental lock Some BD-video or DVD-video feature a parental lock level. Playback stops if the ratings exceed the levels you set, it requires you to enter a password before the disc play. This feature prevents your children from viewing inappropriate material.
  • Page 43: Activate Easylink Control

    Activate EasyLink control EasyLink (HDMI CEC) function allows your TV (limited to PHILIPS brand EasyLink TV) to act in conjunction with this unit, or vice versa. Press HOME. Select [Settings] > [Advanced Set-up] > [Others] > [EasyLink (HDMI CEC)]. When [EasyLink (HDMI CEC)] setting is set to [On], functions listed below will be available.
  • Page 44: Additional Information

    7 Additional information Care Caution! • Never use solvents such as benzene, thinner, cleaners available commercially, or anti-static sprays intended for discs. Clean discs When a disc becomes dirty, clean it with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the disc from the centre to out.
  • Page 45: Specifi Cations

    Specifi cations Note • Specifi cation and design are subject to change without notice. Accessories supplied • Quick Start Guide • Remote control and batteries • HDMI cable (high speed) • RCA audio cable • RCA video cable • Power cable •...
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair the system yourself. If you encounter problems when using this unit, check the following points before requesting service. If the problem remains unsolved, register your product and get support at • Connect the product to the power outlet.
  • Page 47 Sound No audio signal from the loudspeakers of the TV. No audio signal from the loudspeakers of the audio system. No 5.1-channel audio from the loudspeakers of the audio system. Play Cannot play back a disc. Cannot play back JPEG fi les from a disc.
  • Page 48 • The operation is not possible. • Make sure that the unit is connected to the Philips brand EasyLink TV and the [EasyLink (HDMI CEC)] is set to [On]. • This error message may appear when your TV’s OSD language...
  • Page 49: Glossary

    9 Glossary Analogue Audio An electrical signal that directly represents sound. Compare this to digital audio which can be an electrical signal, but is an indirect representation of sound. Aspect Ratio The width of a TV screen relative to its height. Conventional TVs are 4:3 (in other words, the TV screen is almost square);...
  • Page 50 Region Code Regions associate discs and players with particular areas of the world. This unit will only play back discs that have compatible region codes. You can fi nd the region code of your unit by looking on the rear panel. Some discs are compatible with more than one region (or all regions).
  • Page 51 © 2008 Philips Consumer Lifestyle All right reserved 1VMN26823 sgpjp-0841/en1...

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