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Listening To Cds - LG LPC54 Owner's Manual

Portable cd cassette recorder
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Listening to CDs

Audio CD and MP3/ WMA CD can be played back in this unit.
1. Select the CD function
2. Open the CD door
3. Insert the CD : Label facing up.
4. Close the CD door
5. Start the CD playing
6. Stop a CD playing
Listening to CDs - More you can do
Pausing or restarting a CD
1 Press B B / / [ [ ] ] on the unit during playback.
2 Press this button again to resume play.
Searching for a section within a track
Press and hold . bb / BB > during playback and release it at the point
you want to listen to.
Skipping to another track (file)
Press . bb / BB > on the unit.
Listening to your tracks (files) repeatedly or randomly
1 Press REPEAT . repeatedly.
Tracks will be played back repeatedly or randomly.
2 To return to normal playback, press REPEAT . repeatedly to select.
Depending on the conditions of the recording equipment or the CD-R/RW disc
itself, some MULTI SESSION, Mixed disc cannot be played on the unit.
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Creating your own playlist
You can play up to 40 tracks on a CD in order.
1 Insert a CD and wait for it to be read.
2 Press and hold PROG- in stop status.
3 Press . bb / BB > to select a track.
4 Press PROG- again to save and select a next track.
Repeat the step 3 - 4.
5 Press B B / / [ [ ] ] to play the programmed music files.
6 To clear your selection, press x x twice.
B B / / [ [ ] ]
Sound quality adjustment
x x
You can choose sound impressions. Press EQ/XDSS . repeatedly, the display
changes in the following order,
About MP3/ WMA
MP3/ WMA Disc compatibility with this unit is limited as follows:
• Sampling Frequency: 32 to 48 kHz (MP3), 32 to 48 kHz (WMA)
• Bit rate : 32 to 320 kbps (MP3), 40 to 320 kbps (WMA)
• CD-R physical format should be "ISO 9660/ JOLIET"
• If you record MP3/WMA files using the software which cannot create a FILE
SYSTEM, for example "Direct-CD" etc., it is impossible to playback MP3
We recommend that you use "Easy-CD Creator", which creates an ISO
9660 file system.
• Do not use special letters such as "/ : * ? " < >"etc.
• On CD or USB, 99 folders and 999 track, function are support



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