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Installation Instructions; Installation - Bosch TR5000R Series Installation Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
• The appliance must be permanently connected to
installed pipes. The conductor cross-section
must comply with the installed appliance power.
Earthed water pipes may give the appearance of
a connected protective earth.
• To guarantee compliance to relevant safety
regulations, an all-pole separator must be fitted
during installation, according to chapter 3. The
contact opening must be at least 3 mm.
• Ensure that the inlet water pressure, maximum and
minimum, is according with the value specified by
the manufacturer ( chapter 3).
• For TR 5000R the water inlet shall not be connected
to inlet water obtained from any water heating
• For TR 7000R appliances the cold water supply
temperature must not be higher than 55 °C.
• In accordance with EN60335-2-35, when the
appliance is intended to supply water for
showering, the output temperature must be limited
to 55 °C.
• The continuous-flow heater is only suitable for
closed (pressurised) operation.
• The tap and outlet fittings must be approved for
operation with closed (pressurised) continuous-
flow heater systems.
• The water's specific electrical resistivity must not
be less than 1 300 Ωcm. Ask the local water utility
company regarding the electrical resistivity of the
• The continuous-flow heater is suitable for
connection to DVGW-tested plastic pipes.
• Disconnect the electrical connection cable from
the supply and shut off the water supply before
connecting the appliance!
• Connect the water supply and then connect the
electrical supply.
• Only make the openings which are required for
installation on the rear of the appliance. If the
appliance is reinstalled, the unused openings must
be provided with watertight sealing.
• Do not touch electrically live parts after installation.
• Do not use aggressive or abrasive cleaning
• Do not use a steam cleaner.
Safety of electrical devices for domestic use and
similar purposes
6 720 891 048 (2019/01)
The following requirements apply in accordance with
EN 60335-2-35 in order to prevent hazards from
occurring when using electrical appliances:
"This appliance can be used by children of 3 years and
older, as well as by people with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lacking in experience
and knowledge, if they are supervised and have been
given instruction in the safe use of the appliance and
understand the resulting dangers. Children shall not
play with the appliance. Cleaning and user
maintenance must not be performed by children
without supervision."
"If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by
the manufacturer, its customer service department or
a similarly qualified person, so that risks are avoided."

Installation instructions

• Install the appliance as shown in the illustrations. Observe the
instructions in the text.


Unpacking/Removing the cover (Fig. 1)
• Unpack the appliance and check for transport damage. If any
components are damaged, then do not connect the appliance.
• Check that your appliance contains all components included in the
scope of delivery: appliance, installation set with supplementary
sheets, installation instructions, operating instructions.
• Please dispose of the packaging and the old appliance in an
environmentally-friendly manner.
• When removing the cover from the appliance, please note the
The cover is fastened by a central closure behind the service flap.
Preparations for installation (Fig. 2)
Important: Only use the supplied installation set.
The supplied water connection nozzles must be installed!
• Shut off water supply. The electrical connection (connection cable)
must be disconnected from the power supply. Unscrew the fuse
or switch off the circuit breaker.
• Install the water connection nozzles according to the instructions
on the supplementary sheet.
• The electrical connection cable can either be guided in at the top (X)
or bottom (Y).
• The rear panel must lie against the cold water connection nozzle
in the position provided for such [8.].
Wall mounting (Fig. 3)
• The grommet must tightly surround the connection cable. If it is
damaged during mounting, the openings must be provided with
watertight sealing.
• The electrical supply terminal can be fitted at the top (X) or
bottom (Y). The sheath of the connection cable must extend for
at least 40 mm into the appliance.
• The distance to the wall is variable. You can compensate for
any unevenness of the wall's surface. With a distance to the wall of
8–16 mm, insert the spacer and install the extender [3.–5.].
• The appliance must be mounted securely on the wall. If necessary,
attach it at the lower adjustable screws [6.].
Installation instructions


Table of Contents

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