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Printing To The Dp-23/30/35/45/6010/35/45/6020; Creating The Output Queue - Panasonic 3010 User Manual

As/400 printing through a remote output queue using the workio series


Printing to the DP-6010
For the purposes of this document, we will assume that a DP-6010 has already been
setup with an IP Address, has the DA-PC300 installed and is functioning correctly on the
network. We will also assume the appropriate PTF's
will now go through the process needed to print to the DP-6010.

Creating the output queue

The first step is to create a remote output queue. The command to accomplish this is
CRTOUTQ. This command will also create the print writer object with the same name as the
output queue. At the command line of the AS/400, type CRTOUTQ and hit <Enter>.
This screen is the first menu screen shown after login. Typing the number of the listed menu
item will open that menu or if you know the command structure, typing it will accomplish the
same tasks.
1. Program Temporary Fix (yet another TLA!). This is an upgrade or service pack type file installed to the OS400 operating system.
page 19
for more information.
- 5 -
have been installed on the AS/400. We

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