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Changing Spooled File Attributes - Panasonic 3010 User Manual

As/400 printing through a remote output queue using the workio series


As you can see by the status line, the information was printed successfully!
Now we need to access those printed files to direct them to the newly created output queue.
We do this by using the 'WRKSPLF' command (Work with Spooled Files).
Select the file you want to change by entering a '2' on the line next to it. This will bring up the
'Change Spooled File Attributes' screen.
The first change we can make is what printer to send it to. On this field make sure it says
'*OUTQ'. Then, as it shows the <F10> key is available, hit <F10>. Now you can hit the <Page
Down> key to access the rest of the parameters.
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