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4. Once the iron reaches the selected temperature, it beeps and shows the selected
temperature number with corresponding fabric type and the iron symbol.


Smart Steam
The Smart Steam
temperature settings between 5 and 7 (F).
Press the Steam On/Off button to turn on the steam function.
The Steam symbol on the digital display flashes, indicating that
steam function is ready (G).
Surge of Steam
Use to remove stubborn creases.
1. With the water tank filled to the MAX mark, press appropriate
fabric temperature selector pushbutton to select the setting
(between 5 and 7) for your fabric. Read garment's label to help
you determine fabric type.
Note: Steam is automatically turned off between settings 1 and 4.
2. Once you select the appropriate fabric setting, wait for iron to
beep and display selected setting.
3. Press the surge-of-steam button
steam (H). For best performance, leave an interval of 5 seconds
between bursts.
Important: Always stand the iron on its heel rest when powered on
but not in use.
Vertical Steam
Use for removing wrinkles from hanging clothes and drapes.
1. Make sure the water tank is filled to the MAX mark and iron is plugged into electrical
2. Hang the garment to be steamed on a clothes hanger. (Curtains or drapes can be
steamed once they are hung.)
3. Press appropriate fabric temperature selector pushbutton to select appropriate setting
(between 5 and 7) for your fabric.
4. Hold the iron close to, but not touching, the fabric.
5. Pull the fabric tight in your free hand and pump the surge-of-
steam button
Important: Always stand the iron on its heel rest when powered
on but not in use.
system automatically generates steam at
to generate a burst of
as you move the iron over the fabric (J).
Use to dampen tough wrinkles at any setting (K).
1. Be sure the iron is filled with water.
2. On first use, pump the spray button


Note: You can use the Steam On/Off button to turn off the steam
function in all settings (1-7).
1. Select setting 1, 2, 3 or 4 to iron without steam (L). The Smart
system will automatically turn off and there will not be
any steam generated.
2. To dry iron at higher settings, empty the water from the reservoir
to prevent steaming.
3. Plug in the iron, wait until iron beeps and digital display shows
selected setting. If the steam symbol is flashing, press the Steam
On/Off button to turn off the steam function.
Tip: The steam symbol becomes steady, indicating the steam function is off.
Note: It is not necessary to empty the water after each use.
1. Unplug the iron and let it cool.
2. To release the water, hold the iron over a sink with the
tip pointing down. Water will empty out of the water-fill
opening (M).


Language Settings
Your iron has a multilingual digital display that lets you select from
English, French and Spanish.
To change the language (N):
1. Press and hold the (-) button for 2 seconds; the digital display
shows EN (for English).
2. Press the (-) button again, the display changes to FR (for French).
3. Press the (-) button one more time and the digital display
changes to ES (Spanish).
Note: The languages will change in the order listed above.
4. To select the displayed language, press the (+) button or wait 3
seconds after the language is displayed.
3-Way Automatic Shutoff
The automatic shutoff feature in your iron works as follows:
30 seconds
• The iron will shut off after 30 seconds of inactivity if left on its
soleplate or tipped over on its side. If left vertically on its heel
rest, it will shut off after 8 minutes of inactivity (P) .
8 minutes
• The unit beeps once and the AUTO OFF symbol
on the digital display to let you know the iron has stopped
heating (Q).
• After a few seconds, the digital display light goes off.
• If you pick up the iron, an internal motion-sensitive detector
is activated and the iron starts heating again.
Tip: You might have to move the iron or shake it gently.
• The unit beeps once, the digital display light comes on and the set temperature is
displayed again.
several times.



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