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Care And Cleaning; Anti-Drip System - Black & Decker Digital Advantage D1200 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker use and care manual iron d1200, d1500, d1600, d1700
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Table of Contents
10:20 AM
Smart Steam
The Smart Steam
temperature settings (between 4 and 6) (F). Once you select
the temperature, the Smart Steam
temperature and adjusts the steam power accordingly. The higher
the setting, the more powerful the steam.
Surge of Steam
Use to remove stubborn creases.
With the water tank filled to the MAX mark, set fabric-select dial to appropriate setting
(between 4 and 6) for your fabric. Read garment's label to help you determine fabric
Note: Steam is automatically turned off between settings 1 and 3.
2. Once you select the appropriate setting, wait for iron to beep
and display READY.
3. Press the surge-of-steam button
(G). For best performance,
leave an interval of 5 seconds between bursts.
Important: Always stand the iron on its heel rest when powered on
but not in use.
Use for removing wrinkles from hanging clothes and drapes.
1. Be sure the water tank is filled to the MAX mark.
2. Hang the garment to be steamed on a clothes hanger. (Curtains or drapes can be
steamed once they are hung.)
3. Set the fabric-select dial to appropriate setting (between 4 and 6) for your fabric.
4. Wait for iron to beep and display READY.
5. Hold the iron close to, but not touching, the fabric.
6. Pull the fabric tight in your free hand and pump the
surge-of-steam button
fabric (H).
Important: Always stand the iron on its heel rest when powered on
but not in use.
Using Spray
Use to dampen tough wrinkles at any setting (J).
1. Be sure the iron is filled with water.
2. On first use, pump the spray button


The anti-drip system prevents water spotting at low temperatures.
Dry Ironing
1. Turn the fabric-select dial to setting 1, 2, or 3 to iron without
(K). The Smart Steam
and there will not be any steam generated.
2. To dry iron at higher settings, empty the water from the reservoir
to prevent steaming.
Page 6
system generates steam only at higher
technology detects the set
to generate a burst of steam
as you move the iron over the
several times.
system will automatically turn off
Emptying Water Tank (Optional)
Note: It is not necessary to empty the water after each use.
1. Unplug the iron and let it cool.
2. To release the water, hold the iron over a sink with the tip
pointing down. Water will empty out of the water-fill hole (L).

Care and Cleaning

This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified service
Cleaning Outside Surfaces
1. Make sure iron is unplugged and has cooled completely. Wipe the soleplate and outer
surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with water. Add mild household detergent. Never
use abrasives, heavy-duty cleansers, vinegar or scouring pads that may scratch
or discolor the iron.
2. After cleaning, steam iron over an old cloth to remove any residue from the
steam vents.
Auto Cleaning
To keep the steam vents free of any buildup, about once a month follow these instructions.
1. Fill the water tank well below the MAX line. Plug in the iron.
2. Turn the fabric-select dial to 6 and stand the iron on its heel rest.
3. Wait for the iron to beep and READY to display on the digital window.
4. Unplug the iron and hold over a sink with the soleplate facing down.
5. Press and hold the AUTO CLEAN
water and steam will come out of the steam vents (M). Continue
to hold the auto-clean button until all the water has emptied. If
necessary, rock iron side to side and front to back.
6. When finished, release the button, stand the iron on its heel rest
and plug it in. Heat for about 2 minutes to dry out any remaining
Storing your Iron
1. Unplug the iron and allow it to cool.
2. Store vertically on its heel to prevent water leaking from the
soleplate. You can wrap the cord around the smart stand for
storage (N).
button. Be careful, as hot

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents