How To Use - Black & Decker Quick 'N Easy FP1336 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker food processor use and care book
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Food pusher
2. Food fingers
3. Food chute
4. Cover
5. Tab
6. Slice/shred disc
7. Chopping blade
8. Hi and Lo speed control
9. Off/Pulse control
10. Center post
11. Base
12.8-Cup (1920 ml) container
13. Disc stem

How to Use

This product is for household use only.
• Before first use, unpack the product and remove packing material. Handle
sharp chopping blade and slice/shred disc carefully.
• Wash all parts except base.
Note: Do not attempt to chop ice in this food processor; it will damage container
and dull chopping blade. This unit will not whip cream, beat egg whites to
a desirable volume, grind coffee beans or spices with a high oil content, or slice
or shred hard-cooked eggs, marshmallows, or soft cheeses.
HI or LO — When these buttons are pressed, unit runs continuously until OFF
button is pressed.
OFF — Processor should always be left in OFF position when unit is not in use.
PULSE — PULSE position must be pressed and held for unit to operate. When
released, unit will stop. Use PULSE for short processing tasks, such as chopping
nuts, raw meats, or vegetables. This lets you check processed results and control
the fineness.
Important: For your protection, this unit has an Interlock system. The
processor won't operate unless container is properly locked onto base
(see illustration on the base). The tab on cover must be correctly locked
into the slot on base. Be sure cover is turned fully into slot toward
until you hear it click into place. Do not attempt to operate
unit without container and cover correctly locked in place. Be sure base
is on a flat, dry, clean surface before you begin processing.
1. Place container over center post in base with handle at left.
Turn container towards base until it drops down into place.
Snap container in towards base and be sure the locking tab
locks into place (A).
2. Place disc stem onto center post in container (B) and slip
the continuous flow discharge disc onto the stem.
To process directly into included container, place the disc
stem onto the center post in the container, then grasp the
slice/shred disc by its hub with the (slice or shred) up and
push it down onto the disc stem.
3. Place food cover onto container so that its tab is facing
down towards base. Twist food cover in toward base to LOCK/
click into place.
4. Plug cord into an electrical outlet.
5. Fill food chute with food and position the pusher over food.
until you hear it



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