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Motorola PMTN4024 Manual page 8

Professional radio single-unit charger
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No LED Indication?
1. Check that the radio with battery, or the battery alone, is
inserted correctly (refer to step 3 on page 4).
2. Make sure that the transformer is plugged into an appropriate
ac outlet, and that the transformer cable is plugged securely
into the charger socket.
Blinking Red LED Indicator?
1. Remove the battery from the charger, and:
a. make sure that it is a Motorola authorized battery listed in
Table 1. Other batteries may not charge.
b. remove power from the battery charger and, using a clean
dry cloth, clean the gold metal, charging contacts of the
battery and charger.
2. Power up the charger and place the battery back into the charger
pocket. If the LED indicator continues to blink red, replace the
Blinking Yellow LED Indicator?
1. The battery temperature may be below 5°C (41°F) or above
40°C (104°F).
2. The voltage may be lower than the predetermined threshold
level for rapid charging.
Note: Rapid charging outside of the stated temperature and
voltage limits can drastically reduce the life expectancy of
the battery.
Note: When the battery charger detects the proper battery
conditions, rapid charging begins automatically (steady red
The Single-Unit Chargers are not repairable. Order replacement
chargers as necessary.



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