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Safety Information - Samsung MCU-R4NEK0N Installation Manual

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Safety Information

Before welding the unit, you must remove all the hazardous materials around the unit that may cause an
- If you weld the unit when there is refrigerant inside, the increased pressure of refrigerant may
explode or break the leaking spot so that causes serious injuries.
When the electric wire is damaged, you must exchange it by the manufacturer or its service agent, or a
When turning on the power, make sure to connect the power supply to the circuit breaker designated for
indoor units. (ELCB, ELB, MCCB)
put on the terminal block.
Supplied power should be more or less than 2% of the rated power.
more than 4 % of the rated power, the unit terminates and indicates errors to protect it.
Make sure the interior power supply shouldn't be over the maximum voltage or under the minimum
decreased function of components.
Only use copper wire as the power cable and all wiring, components and materials should comply with the
applicable local and national codes.
Make sure that all wiring is properly installed.
In case of a refrigerant gas leakage during installation, please ventilate the area.
regulations and use only rated cable.



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