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Cleaning And Maintenance - Frigidaire FD5122 Instruction Manual

Stand mixer with rotatable bowl


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Ejector button firmly down with the other hand, remove the
beater/dough hooks.
Note: Remove the beaters/dough hooks only at the 0 setting.
14. The hand mixer can be used separately without the stand in


1. Unplug the appliance and allow it to completely cool down
before cleaning.
2. Wipe over the outside surface of the mixer with a dampened cloth
and polish with a soft dry cloth.
3. Wipe any excess food particles from the power cord.
4. Wash the bowl, the beaters and dough hooks in warm soapy
water and wipe dry. The beaters and dough hooks may be washed
in the dishwasher.
Caution: the mixer cannot be immersed in water or other liquid.
1. Refrigerated ingredients, such as butter and eggs, should be at
room temperature before mixing begins. Set these ingredients out
ahead of time.
2. To eliminate the possibility of shells or deteriorated-off eggs in
your recipe, break eggs into separate container first, then adding

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents