Frigidaire FD5122 Instruction Manual page 5

Stand mixer with rotatable bowl
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3. Hand Mixer Body
4. Dough Hooks / Beaters
5. Accelerate Switch
6. Stand release button
7. Cord
8. Bowl
9. Base/Stand
For the first use, clean the beaters, dough hooks and bowl. Before
assembling the mixer, be sure the power cord is unplugged from the
power outlet and the speed selector is on the "0" position.
1. Place the food that need to be blend into bowl, than place the
bowl on position.
2. Before putting the mixer on the base, make sure the bowl is
properly fitted on the base.
3. Insert the beaters by holding mixer from handle in one hand &
inserting the beaters/hooks form the other hand. Put it in hole,
press and twist it until beater/hooks clicks into position.
4. Choose the proper attachments based on the task to be performed
and assemble it in position. Dough hooks are used for mixing
dough and beaters are only used for beating eggs or similar food.
Note: Beaters can be inserted in either socket, as the beaters are
identical. For dough hooks, the one with washer can only be

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents