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Stand mixer with rotatable bowl
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inserted into the big socket and the other one can only be inserted
into small socket. The two dough hooks cannot be inserted in
5. Ensure that the unit is at the 0 setting before connecting it to
power supply.
6. Start using the appliance from lower speed, i.e. Speed 1. You can
increase the speed as per need up to Speed 5.
7. IF you need more power, you may press the TURBO button for
maximum speed.
Warning: Do not place knife, metal spoon, fork and so on into
bowl when operating.
8. The max operation time for Speed 1 to 5 MUST be less than
3minutes. And for Turbo speed MUST be less than 1 minute.
Allow the appliance to cool down to room temperature before
performing next operation cycle. When kneading yeast dough, we
suggest that the speed selector should be at low speed firstly and
then use high speed to achieve the best results.
9. During operation the bowl will rotate itself.
10. When mixing is completed, turn the speed selector to 0 position,
unplug the cord from power outlet.
11. Press stand release button and pull up the hand mixer.
12. If necessary you can scrape the excess food particles from the
beaters or dough hooks by rubber or wooden spatula.
13. Hold the beaters/dough hooks with one hand and press the

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents