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Warnings - Yamaha Seascooter SeaWing User Manual



• This is not a life saving device.
DO NOT use it as a buoyancy aid.
• Be careful when you are transporting the
Seascooter and setting it down to avoid
crushing hazard on hands, foot or toes.
• Crushing / Cutting Hazard
• Read the user's manual carefully before use.
• Always follow this age recommendation: a
child under 16 years old should never operate
16 +
14 +
• The seascooter is designed for 1 person use.
• ALWAYS wear a life vest (personal floatation
device - PFD) approved by your local
authorities for Snorkeling: (U.S. Coast Guard
Type III vest in the US or Canadian Coast
Guard approved life vest in Canada or SAI
Approval PFD in Australia or ISO/CE
Approved PFD in Europe).
• Always inspect the swimming area to ensure
it is free of hazards or obstacles such as
boats and swimmers before using the
• Particular care should be exercised when
using the SEASCOOTER™ near anybody
with long hair. Users with long hair should tie
it up or wear a swimming cap when using the
• Never stick body parts, clothing or other
objects in the vicinity of the Propeller. Do not
wear loose or flowing clothing or equipment
that could be drawn into the propeller.
• Be aware of appropriate water levels, tidal
changes, dangerous currents, weather
change and strong offshore winds. ALWAYS
scout unfamiliar water before venturing out.
• Always ensure sufficient charge remains in
the battery to return to the shore surface
before using the Seascooter.
• Do not use alcohol or drugs prior to and
during use of this product.
• Do not attach your body, clothing, other
equipment to the seascooter in any way.

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