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Black & Decker Spacemaker SDC740 Use & Care Book page 7

Black & decker 12-cup programmable under-the-cabinet coffeemaker use & care manual
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11. Place a washer inside the cabinet over each of the 4 holes you drilled.
12. Now, use your ruler or the paper ruler provided to measure the overhang
molding height, placing your ruler vertically against the underside of the
cabinet behind the overhang molding. This number determines the number of
spacers you need, using a number of spacers equal to the overhang molding
height. For example, a 1" overhang molding would use 2, ½" spacers on each
of the rear holes (L).
13. Drop one of your screws through each of the washers covering the holes in the
cabinet, from inside the cabinet down.
Note: To determine which screws to use, you must have enough of the screw
exposed underneath the cabinet to properly thread the screw into the nut.
14. Place the appropriate number of spacers determined in step 12 on both of the
rear screws so the appliance will be even (M).
Note: If the height of your overhang molding is too tall to be accommodated by
the number of spacers provided, you may call, toll-free, at 1-800-231-9786 to
order additional spacers at no charge.
Note: For spacer installation, you may require assistance (in mounting) in order to
hold spacers in place while securing the appliance at the same time. If assistance
is not available, use a small clamp to hold the spacers in place while you position
the appliance.
Important: Top panel of coffeemaker is removable to make installation easier.
Simply grip the panel at the rear and pull back to remove (see Illustration Fa)
or insert a flathead screwdriver at the front of the panel by one of the mounting
holes and twist to pop open (see Illustration Fb). Once removed, mount in place
following the directions below and then slide coffeemaker back on the panel
track to reattach appliance once the panel has been mounted.

15. Once spacers are set, hold panel up and tighten nuts onto each of the screws
to secure.
Note: lways tighten nuts to ensure the appliance does not move or shake during
16. Once the panel is secure, reattach coffeemaker to panel by lifting appliance
up, aligning it with the track on the panel and then sliding it back into place.
17. Plug into standard electrical outlet. Extra cord can be hung over cord
management hook behind unit (see Illustration G).
Caution: This appliance features a Save- -Plug™ outlet receptacle to connect
smaller †SpaceMaker™ appliances such as the mini food processor / grinder or
can opener. Do not use this outlet for any other appliance!
Note: If you are connecting another †SpaceMaker™ appliance into the Save- -
Plug™ outlet, make sure you can easily unplug the appliance after each use.
18. Your †SpaceMaker™ appliance is now ready for use!

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