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Getting Ready To Play; Preparing A Power Supply - Casio Casiotone CT-S200 User Manual

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Table of Contents

Getting Ready to Play

Preparing a Power Supply

Though either an AC adaptor or batteries can be used for
power, use of AC adaptor power is normally recommended.
Using the AC Adaptor
Use only the AC adaptor (JEITA Standard with unified polarity
plug) specified for this Digital Keyboard. Use of a different
type of AC adaptor can cause malfunction.
AC Adaptor Type: AD-E95100L
(JEITA Standard plug)
AC adaptor
Household power outlet
• Be sure to turn off Digital Keyboard power before
connecting or disconnecting the AC adaptor.
• The AC adaptor becomes warm to the touch after very
long use. This is normal and does not indicate
• To prevent breaking of the wire, take care to avoid
putting any type of load on the power cord.
No twisting
• Never insert metal, pencils, or any other objects into
the DC 9.5V terminal. Doing so creates the risk of
DC 9.5V terminal
No pulling
No wrapping
Using Batteries for Power
• Be sure to turn off power before loading batteries.
• Use commercially available AA-size alkaline batteries
or AA-size rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries.
• Low battery power can cause abnormal operation. If
this happens, replace batteries with new ones. If you
are using rechargeable batteries, charge them.
■ Batteries
Note the precautions below when using rechargeable
• Use Panasonic Group AA-size eneloop rechargeable
Do not use any other type of batteries.
• Use only the specified charger to charge batteries.
• Rechargeable batteries must be removed from the product
for charging.
• For information about using eneloop batteries or their
specified charger, be sure to read the user documentation
and precautions that come with each item, and use them
only as directed.
Be sure to replace batteries at least once a year, even if there
is no indication of low battery power. Dead rechargeable
batteries (eneloop) in particular may deteriorate if they are left
in the product. Remove rechargeable batteries from the
product as soon as possible after they go dead.
Open the battery cover on the back of the
Digital Keyboard.
Load six AA-size batteries into the battery
Load batteries with their positive (+) and negative (–)
ends facing correctly.
Insert the tabs of the battery cover into the
holes, and close the cover.
• Configure the setting below to specify the type of
batteries you loaded.

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Table of Contents

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