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Connecting Headphones (Sold Separately; Connecting A Pedal (Sold Separately; Operations Common To All Modes; Display Screen Contents - Casio Casiotone CT-S200 User Manual

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Connecting Headphones (Sold
Plugging in headphones cuts off output from the built-in
speakers, which means you can practice playing even late at
night without disturbing others.
• Be sure to turn down the Digital Keyboard volume level
before connecting headphones.
• Headphones do not come with the Digital Keyboard.
• Use separately sold or commercially available headphones.
• Do not listen to output over headphones at very high
volume levels for long periods. Doing so creates the
risk of hearing damage.
• If the plug of the headphones does not match the
PHONES/OUTPUT jack, use a commercially available
adapter plug.
• If you are using headphones that require an adapter
plug, make sure you do not leave the adapter plugged
in when removing the headphones.
Connecting a Pedal (Sold
To use a pedal, connect it to the PEDAL jack.
PEDAL jack (6.3mm standard jack)
(3.5mm stereo mini jack)
Stereo mini plug
Pedal (sold separately)
Operations Common to All

Display Screen Contents

Function name
Battery icon
Current setting
3 button functions
Sub-function name
Setting item
Current setting
For information about how to adjust display contrast, see
"Configuring Function

HOME Button

Pressing HOME will display the [TONE] screen, which you
can use to select a tone. This is the home screen. You can
use the home screen to select the instrument type and to
configure various settings.
Settings" (page EN-32).

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