Sony Ericsson V630i User Manual

Vodafone mobile phone.
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    Entertainment ... 53 Music and Video player, MusicDJ™, VideoDJ™, ringtones, games. This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. Sony Ericsson V630i Vodafone Connectivity ... 60 Settings, Vodafone live!, Internet, synchronising, Bluetooth™ technology, USB cable, update service.

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    Under no circumstances will Sony Ericsson be liable in any way for your Contents This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use.

  • Page 3: Contents

    Smart-Fit Rendering is a trademark or registered trademark of ACCESS CO., LTD. in Japan and other countries. Restrictions: Software is confidential copyrighted information of Sun and title to all copies is retained by Sun and/or its licensors. Customer shall not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, extract, or otherwise reverse engineer Software.

  • Page 4: Getting Started, Assembly, Sim Card, Battery, Turning, On, Help, Flight Mode, Calls, Toolbar

    Some functions use more battery power than others and may cause a need for more frequent re-charging. If talk time or standby time becomes noticeably shorter, you may have to replace the battery. Only use approved batteries from Sony Ericsson % 87 Battery...

  • Page 5: Sim Card And Battery

    SIM card and battery To insert SIM card and battery Remove the battery cover by pressing and sliding it as shown in the picture. Slide the SIM card into its holder with the contacts facing down. Insert the battery with the label side up and the connectors facing each other.

  • Page 6: Turning On Your Phone

    You should already have access to all relevant services in your network. If you need more settings and use Settings download register the phone at Sony Ericsson. A text message is sent. No personal data will be transferred to or processed by Sony Ericsson.

  • Page 7: Making Calls

    To view the phone demonstration } Entertainment } Demo Flight mode menu If you turn on the phone and mode menu is activated, select from Normal with full functionality or Flight mode with limited functionality. Network and Bluetooth transceivers are turned off to prevent disturbance to sensitive equipment.

  • Page 8

    Toolbar Use the toolbar to handle new events, such as notification of incoming messages, access bookmarks and Internet, manage functions running in the background and shortcuts. To use the toolbar 1 } Toolbar and use a tab. Scroll to select an option. Pop-ups New events can also be set to appear as pop-up text instead.

  • Page 9: Take Pictures Or Record Video Clips

    Take pictures or record video clips Take pictures Zoom in or Record video Screen options (top right) Delete Back Screen options (bottom right) Switch camera/video Adjust brightness This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. To take a picture or record video From standby, press and hold to activate the camera.

  • Page 10: Getting To Know The Phone, Keys, Menus, Navigation, Icons, Short, Cuts, Phone Language, Entering Letters

    Getting to know the phone Keys, menus, navigation, icons, shortcuts, phone language, entering letters, My Files, memory card. Phone overview Getting to know the phone This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use.

  • Page 11

    Power on/off button Play/stop button Screen Selection key Call key (green) Back key Navigation key/Music player control Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) slot Keylock key Ear speaker Video call camera Volume, camera digital zoom buttons Selection key End key (red) Clear key Camera button Silent key Connector for charger, handsfree and USB cable...

  • Page 12: Menu Overview, Getting To Know The Phone

    Menu overview Entertainment My Games Online services* Video player MusicDJ™ PhotoDJ™ VideoDJ™ live! intro Remote control Record sound Demo tour Camera Organiser & Tools My Applications Record sound Alarms Notes Calendar Timer Calculator Stopwatch Synchronisation Remote control Tasks Code memo Getting to know the phone This is the Internet version of the user's guide.

  • Page 13

    Online services***/Alarms Settings** General Sounds & alerts Profiles Ring volume Time & date Ringtone Language Silent mode Voice control Increasing ring Ticker Vibrating alert Toolbar Message alert Shortcuts Key sound Flight mode Security Setup wizard Phone status live! intro Master reset * Vodafone live!.

  • Page 14

    Navigation The main menus are shown as icons. Some submenus include tabs. Scroll to a tab by pressing the left or right part of the navigation key. Go to the main menus or select highlighted items. Move through the menus and tabs. Select options shown above these keys on the screen.

  • Page 15

    View a shortcut guide when using the camera. Press and then the phone keys. Turn off the ringtone when receiving a call. Press and hold to set the phone to silent. The alarm signals even if the phone is set to silent. View status information in standby.

  • Page 16: Status Bar

    Status bar Some of the icons that may appear: Icon Description 3G (UMTS) network is available. GSM network signal strength. Battery status. Battery charging, appears with battery status icon. Missed incoming call. Text message received. Email message received. Picture message received. Voice message received.

  • Page 17: Phone Language, Entering Letters

    Phone language Select the language to use in the phone menus or when writing text. To change the phone language } Settings } General } Language } Phone Select a language. In standby, you can also press: • 8888 for automatic language. •...

  • Page 18

    To enter letters using T9 Text Input To enter text, you have to be in a function where text input is possible, } Messaging } Write for example, new } Text message. For example, to write the word “Jane”, press If the word shown is the one you want, press to accept and add a space.

  • Page 19

    To insert and remove a memory card Open the cover and insert the memory card as shown (with the contacts facing up). Press the edge to release and remove. You can also move and copy files between a computer and the memory card.

  • Page 20

    To move or copy a file to memory 1 } My Files and select a folder. } More } Manage file Scroll to a file } Move to move the file or } Manage file } Copy Select to move or copy the file to Memory Stick } Phone To move or copy files to a computer...

  • Page 21: Calling, Calls, Video Calls, Contacts, Call List, Speed Dial, Voice Control, Call Options

    Calling Calls, video calls, contacts, call list, speed dial, voice control, call options, groups, business cards. Making and receiving calls Before you can make or receive any calls, you must turn on your phone and be within range of a network. % 6 Turning on your phone % 23 Video call a video call...

  • Page 22: Emergency Calls

    To make international calls Press until a + sign appears. Enter the country code, area code (without the first zero) and phone number. Press to make a voice call, } More } Make video call a video call. To re-dial a number If a call connection fails and appears Yes.

  • Page 23: Video Call

    In some countries, other emergency numbers may also be promoted. Your network operator may therefore have saved additional local emergency numbers on the SIM card. To make an emergency call Enter 112 (the international emergency number) and press To view your local emergency numbers } Contacts } More } Options } Special numbers } Emergency nos.

  • Page 24

    Video call options } More for the following options: • Switch camera – to switch between the main and video call cameras. Use the main camera to show a full image of your surroundings to the recipient. • Stop camera/Start camera video camera off or on.

  • Page 25

    To select default contacts 1 } Contacts } More } Options } Advanced } Default 2 } Phone contacts Phone contacts Save contacts in the phone with names, phone numbers and personal information. You can also add pictures and ringtones to contacts. Use to scroll between tabs and their information fields.

  • Page 26: Using Contacts

    Using contacts Contacts can be used in many ways. Below you can see how to: • call phone and SIM contacts. • send phone contacts to another device. • copy contacts to phone and SIM card. • add a picture or a ringtone to a phone contact.

  • Page 27: Synchronising Contacts

    To copy names and numbers to phone contacts 1 } Contacts } More } Options } Advanced } Copy from Select one of the alternatives. To add a picture, ringtone sound or video to a phone contact 1 } Contacts and select the contact } More } Edit contact.

  • Page 28: Voice Control

    3 } New contact to create a new contact, or select an existing contact to add the number to. To clear the call list Press and select the } Delete all. Speed dial with pictures Save numbers in positions 1-9 in your phone to access them easily.

  • Page 29

    Before voice dialling Activate the voice dialling function and record your voice commands. An icon appears next to a phone number that has a voice command. To activate voice dialling and record names 1 } Settings } General control } Voice dialling } Activate } Yes } New voice and select a contact.

  • Page 30: Diverting Calls

    To activate and record the magic word 1 } Settings } General control } Magic word } Instructions appear. for the tone and say the magic word. 3 } Yes } No to accept or new magic word. } Continue Instructions appear.

  • Page 31: More Than One Call

    Your phone has the following options: • Divert always – all calls. • When busy – if a call is ongoing. • Not reachable – if turned off or unreachable. • No reply – if not answered in a specified time. To activate a call divert 1 } Settings } Calls...

  • Page 32: Conference Calls, Two Voice Lines

    You cannot answer a third call without ending one of the first two calls or joining them into a conference call. Conference calls Start a conference call by joining an ongoing call and a call on hold. You then put the conference on hold and add up to five participants, or make another call.

  • Page 33: Accept Calls, Fixed Dialling, Restricted Dialling

    Accept calls Only receive calls from certain phone numbers. If the divert calls option When busy is activated, calls are diverted. To add numbers to the accepted callers list } Settings and use } Manage calls to the Calls } Accept calls } Only from list } Edit Add.

  • Page 34

    To activate or deactivate fixed dialling 1 } Contacts } More } Options } Special numbers } Fixed dialling and select Activate or Deactivate. } OK Enter your PIN2 again to confirm. To save a fixed number } Contacts } More } Options } Special numbers } Fixed dialling } Fixed numbers } New number enter the information.

  • Page 35: Business Cards

    To always show or hide your phone number 1 } Settings } Calls hide my no. Select Show number, Network default. Groups Create a group of numbers and email addresses to send messages to several recipients at the same time % 36 Messaging If you send a text message to a group, you will be charged for each member.

  • Page 36: Messaging, Text Messaging, Picture Messaging, Voice Messaging, Email, Messenger

    Messaging Text messaging, picture messaging, voice messaging, email, Messenger. Your phone supports various messaging services. Please contact your network operator about the services you can use, or for more information, visit the Web site of your network operator or Text messaging (SMS) Text messages can contain simple pictures, sound effects, animations,...

  • Page 37

    To copy and paste text in a message When writing your message } Copy & paste 2 } Copy all } Mark & copy the navigation key to scroll and mark text in your message. 3 } More } Copy & paste } Paste To insert an item in a text message When writing your message } Add...

  • Page 38

    To delete a message 1 } Messaging and select a folder. Select the message to delete and press To save or delete several messages 1 } Messaging and select a folder. } More } Delete all Select a message msgs to delete all messages in the } Mark several folder or...

  • Page 39

    To set message options for a specific message When the message is written and a recipient is selected Advanced. Select an option to change select a new setting To check the delivery status of a sent message } Messaging } Sent messages select a text message } View status.

  • Page 40

    } MMS profile and select a profile. } More } Edit } Message server } More } Edit } Internet To create and send a picture message 1 } Messaging } Create new } MMS } More to view a list of items to add to your message.

  • Page 41: Voice Messages

    • Not in roaming – do not download when not in home network. • Always ask – to download. • Off – new messages appear in the Inbox. Select the message and } View to download. To receive picture messages When you receive an automatically downloaded picture message, it appears in the toolbar if...

  • Page 42

    To record and send a voice message 1 } Messaging } Write new } Voice message. Record your message. 3 } Send to send the message. 4 } Enter email addr. for an email } Enter phone no. recipient or recipient phone number or look-up for a number or group in...

  • Page 43

    What information do I need? The minimum you need is the following: Setting types Examples POP3 or IMAP4 Connection type joe.smith@example Email address .com Incoming server jsmith Username zX123 Password Outgoing server There are many different email providers. Their terminology and required information may differ.

  • Page 44

    To enter advanced email account settings (optional in most cases) 1 } Messaging } Email } Select an account to edit } Edit account } Advanced Press to select and enter settings, if required by your email provider, for example, Check interval.

  • Page 45

    To view or save an attachment in an email message } More View a message } Attachments } View item or select an item to save. Active email account If you have several email accounts, you can change which one is active. To change the active email account } Messaging } Email } Settings select an account.

  • Page 46

    To log in to your Messenger server } Messaging } Messenger } Log To log out } More } Log out. To add a contact to the list } Messaging } Messenger } } More } Add Contacts To send a chat message from Messenger 1 } Messaging } Messenger Contacts...

  • Page 47: Area And Cell Information

    Conversation history is preserved between log out and log in to let you return to chat messages from previous conversations. To save a conversation } Messaging } Messenger Conversations tab and } More open a conversation } Save conv. To view a saved conversation } Messaging } Messenger Conversations } Saved conv.

  • Page 48: Imaging, Camera, Video, Blog, Pictures

    Imaging Camera, video, blog, pictures, PhotoDJ™, themes. Camera and video recorder Take pictures and record video clips to save, view and send in messages % 9 Take pictures or record video clips Camera settings When you are in the viewfinder } Settings for options to adjust and enhance your pictures and video clips...

  • Page 49: Transferring Pictures

    • White balance – adjust colours to lighting conditions. Select from Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent Incandescent. • Picture quality (camera): • Normal • Fine • Turn off mic. (video) – set microphone. • Shutter sound (camera) – select different shutter sounds. •...

  • Page 50: Pictures And Video Clips

    To send pictures to a blog 1 } My Files and select a picture in a folder. 2 } More } Send } To blog. } OK } Add title and text To visit a blog address in a contact } Contacts and select a contact Web } Go...

  • Page 51

    To send a picture } My Files } Pictures } More } Send picture. transfer method. Some phones cannot receive large picture sizes. To receive a picture } Settings } Connectivity a transfer method. live! Studio Visit the Web site of your network operator for details.

  • Page 52

    To use more video clip or picture options Record a video clip or take a picture } More and select an option, for example, to take a new picture. Transferring pictures to your computer Using the USB cable, you can drag and drop camera pictures to a % 69 Transferring files using computer...

  • Page 53: Entertainment, Music And Video Player, Musicdj

    To receive and save a theme Use a transfer method and open the message you received the theme in. Follow the instructions that appear. This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. Entertainment Music and Video player, MusicDJ™, VideoDJ™, ringtones, games.

  • Page 54

    • Press Play to select a highlighted file. • When in playing, press to go to the music player browser. • } More When playing music, options, for example, Minimize to use in the background. • Press and hold to exit. Transferring music Disc2Phone computer software and USB drivers are included on the CD...

  • Page 55

    To transfer files with the USB cable provided % 69 Transferring files using the USB cable Browsing files Browse music files and video clips: • Artists – lists music files you have transferred using Disc2Phone. • Tracks – lists all music files (not ringtones) in your phone and on the memory card.

  • Page 56: Ringtones And Melodies

    • Delete – remove a file from the playlist. In user-created playlists only the reference to the file is removed. In the Tracks list, the file is permanently deleted from the memory. • Minimize – minimize the music player and return to standby with the music still playing.

  • Page 57

    To select a ringtone } Settings } Sounds & alerts Ringtone. To turn the ringtone on or off Press and hold from standby or } Settings } Sounds & alerts for more options. All signals except the alarm signal are affected. To set ringtone volume 1 } Settings } Sounds &...

  • Page 58

    To receive a melody via a transfer method Select a transfer method and follow the instructions that appear. VideoDJ™ Compose and edit your own video clips by using video clips, pictures and text. You can also trim away parts of a video clip to shorten it.

  • Page 59: Sound Recorder

    Sending video clips You can send a video clip using one of the available transfer methods. Short video clips can be sent using picture messaging. If a video clip is too long, you can use the trim function to make a video clip shorter.

  • Page 60: Connectivity, Settings, Vodafone Live!, Internet, Usb Cable, Update Service

    Applications Download and run Java™ applications, for example, to use a service. You can view information or set different permission levels. To view info for Java applications 1 } My Files } Applications Select an application or a game } More } Information.

  • Page 61: Vodafone Live

    To download settings On your computer, browse to Select a region and a country or Global support area. Phone setup Select the a phone model. Select which setting to download to your phone. live! intro You can view an introduction to Vodafone live! services and Vodafone live! content such as ringtones, videos and trial games, free of charge.

  • Page 62

    • Messenger – instant messaging on your mobile phone. • News – get the latest news reports and weather forecasts. • Sport – news, results, and latest scores. • Search – find what you need in Vodafone live!. Vodafone live! is growing and kept up to date on a daily basis, so these options may vary.

  • Page 63

    } Options } Browsing • Smart-Fit – adjust a Web site to the screen. • Show pictures – set on or off. • Show animations – set on or off. • Play sounds – set on or off. • Allow cookies –...

  • Page 64

    To select an Internet profile for the Internet browser } Settings and use to the Connectivity settings } Internet profiles a profile. Internet profile for Java™ applications Some Java™ applications need to connect to the Internet to receive information, for example, games that downloads new levels from a game server.

  • Page 65

    Synchronising Synchronise phone contacts, appointments, tasks and notes via Bluetooth™ wireless technology, Internet services or the USB cable included with the phone. Synchronisation with a computer Install synchronisation software for your computer found in the Sony Ericsson PC Suite on the CD, included with the phone.

  • Page 66

    Bluetooth™ wireless technology The Bluetooth™ function makes wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices possible. You can: • connect to handsfree devices. • connect to stereo headsets. • connect to several devices at the same time. • connect to computers and access the Internet.

  • Page 67

    To add a device to your phone 1 } Settings } Connectivity } Bluetooth } My devices } New device to search for available devices. Make sure the other device is visible. Select a device from the list. Enter a passcode, if required. To allow connection or edit your device list 1 } Settings }...

  • Page 68

    Sony Ericsson PC Suite to synchronise, transfer files, use the phone as modem and more via Bluetooth communication. Install the Sony Ericsson PC Suite from the CD that came with the phone or download it at The PC Suite also includes help.

  • Page 69: Transferring Files Using The Usb Cable

    Transferring files using the USB cable Connect your phone to a computer, via the USB cable, to use your phone in one of the following: File transfer Phone mode. File transfer Drag and drop files between your memory card and computer in Microsoft Windows Explorer.

  • Page 70: Update Service

    Connectivity This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. To use phone mode Computer: Install the Sony Ericsson PC Suite from the CD that came with your phone. Computer: Start PC Suite from Start/ Programs/Sony Ericsson/PC Suite.

  • Page 71: More Features, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Tasks, Profiles, Time And Date, Sim Card Lock, Etc

    Visit Select a region and country. Enter the product name. Select Sony Ericsson Update Service and follow the instructions. This is the Internet version of the user's guide. © Print only for private use. More features Alarm clock, calendar, tasks, profiles, time and date, SIM card lock, etc.

  • Page 72

    Calendar You can use the calendar to keep track of important meetings. The calendar can be synchronised with a computer calendar or with a calendar % 65 Synchronising on the Web Appointments Add new appointments or use existing appointments as templates. To add a new appointment 1 } Organiser &...

  • Page 73

    • Change date – go to another date in the calendar. • Advanced – find an appointment, set reminders or select a start day for the week. • Delete – delete old or all appointments. • Help – for more information. Exchanging appointments Exchange appointments using a transfer method.

  • Page 74: Code Memo

    To add a note } Organiser & Tools } Notes } New note } Add and enter the note To edit notes 1 } Organiser & Tools } Notes appears. } More Select a note and select an option. Exchanging notes Exchange notes using one of the available transfer methods.

  • Page 75

    Checkword and security To confirm that you have entered the correct passcode you must enter a checkword. When you enter your passcode to open the code memo, the checkword is shown briefly. If the passcode is correct, the correct codes are shown. If you enter the incorrect passcode, the checkword and the codes that are shown are also incorrect.

  • Page 76: Sim Card Lock, Time And Date

    environment or an accessory. You can reset all profile settings to how they were set when you bought your phone. To select a profile Press and select a profile, or } Settings } General } Profiles and select a profile. To view and edit a profile } Settings } General...

  • Page 77: Phone Lock, Keypad Lock

    To unblock your SIM card When PIN blocked appears, enter your PUK Enter a new four- to eight-digit PIN Re-enter the new PIN to confirm To edit your PIN 1 } Settings } General } Security } Locks } SIM protection } Change PIN.

  • Page 78: Troubleshooting, Why Doesn't The Phone Work The Way, I Want It To

    Automatic keylock Use automatic keylock in standby to lock the keypad soon after the last key was pressed. To set the automatic keylock } Settings } General } Security } Automatic To lock the keypad manually From standby, press keys. You can still answer an incoming call and the keypad locks again after the call.

  • Page 79

    You also have the option to do a Master reset. Some of the personal data and settings you have made will be lost when you do this reset No battery icon appears when I start charging the phone Possible cause: The battery is empty or has not been used for a long time.

  • Page 80

    Possible cause: The battery is worn out and needs to be replaced. Solution: Try another battery and charger for the same phone model, or visit your retailer and ask them to verify if the battery and charger are working properly. The phone turns itself off Possible cause: been pushed unintentionally.

  • Page 81

    The phone cannot be detected by other users via Bluetooth™ wireless technology Possible cause: You have not turned the Bluetooth function on. Solution: Make sure that the Bluetooth function is on and visibility is set to % 68 To receive an item show phone I cannot synchronise or transfer data between my phone and my...

  • Page 82

    Solution: Remove the SIM card and clean it. Also check that the card is not damaged so that you cannot connect it to the phone connectors. In that case, contact your network operator to ask for a new SIM card. Insert correct SIM card Possible cause: The phone is set to...

  • Page 83

    (PUK) incorrectly 10 times in a row. Solution: Contact your network operator. Charging, alien battery Possible cause: are using is not a Sony Ericsson- approved battery. Solution: % 87 Battery % 22 You entered your The battery that you Troubleshooting...

  • Page 84: Important Information, Sony Ericsson Consumer Web Site, Service And Support, Safe And Efficient

    From now on you will have access to a portfolio of exclusive service advantages such as: • Global and local Web sites providing support • A global network of Call Centers • An extensive network of Sony Ericsson service partners Country Phone number Australia 1-300 650 050 Argentina...

  • Page 85

    Denmark 33 31 28 28 Finland 09-299 2000 France 0 825 383 383 Germany 0180 534 2020 Greece 801-11-810-810 210-89 91 919 (from mobile phone) Hong Kong 8203 8863 Hungary +36 1 880 47 47 India 1800 11 1800 (Toll free number) 39011111 (from mobile phone) Indonesia 021-2701388...

  • Page 86: Guidelines For Safe And Efficient Use

    Never alter the cord or plug. If the plug does not fit into the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. Use only Sony Ericsson branded original chargers intended for use with your mobile phone. Other chargers may not be designed to the same safety...

  • Page 87: Personal Medical Devices, Efficient Use

    The battery should only be charged in temperatures between +5°C (+41°F) and +45°C (+113°F). Use only Sony Ericsson branded original batteries intended for use with your mobile phone. Using other batteries and chargers could be dangerous.

  • Page 88: Electronic Equipment

    15 mm from the body without any metal parts in the vicinity of the phone or when used with the original Sony Ericsson accessory intended for this phone and worn on the body. Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines.

  • Page 89: Disposing Of The Battery, End User Licence Agreement, Limited Warranty, Our Warranty

    Communications AB and its affiliated companies (“Sony Ericsson”) and its third party suppliers and licensors (“Software”). As user of this Device, Sony Ericsson grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable license to use the Software solely in conjunction with the Device on which it is installed and/or delivered with.

  • Page 90

    Sony Ericsson Product such as downloads, calendar and contacts before handing in your Sony Ericsson Product for repair or replacement. CONDITIONS The warranty is valid only if the original proof of...

  • Page 91: Fcc Statement, Bluetooth Wireless Technology

    EU country where an identical Product is sold by an authorised Sony Ericsson distributor. To find out if your Product is sold in the EU country you are in, please call the local Sony Ericsson Call Center.

  • Page 92: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity We, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB of Nya Vattentornet S-221 88 Lund, Sweden declare under our sole responsibility that our product Sony Ericsson type AAD-3022042-BV and in combination with our accessories, to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the appropriate standards 3GPP TS 51.010-1,...

  • Page 93: Index

    Index alarms ... 71 animation ... 50 answering service ... 28 applications ... 60 appointments ... 72 automatic redialling ... 22 battery inserting and charging ... 5 use and care ... 87 blog ... 49 Bluetooth wireless technology ... 66 business cards ...

  • Page 94

    email ... 42 entering letters ... 17 fixed dialling ... 33 games ... 59 groups ... 35 handsfree ... 11, 24, 28, 29 Bluetooth ... 67 help ... 6 hiding number ... 34 icons ... 16 Internet blog ... 49 bookmarks ...

  • Page 95

    music player ... 53 MusicDJ™ ... 57 My files ... 18 my numbers ... 32 navigating menus ... 14 networks ... 21 notepad ... 34 notes ... 73–74 phone assembly ... 4 language ... 17 lock ... 77 phone overview ... 10 PhotoDJ™...

  • Page 96

    standby ... 6 start-up screen ... 50, 78 stopwatch ... 74 synchronising ... 65 T9™ Text Input ... 18 tasks ... 73 templates ... 38, 41 text messages ...36–39 themes ...52–53 Ticker ... 63 time ... 76 timer ... 74 Toolbar ...

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