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Specifications; Safety Warnings - Makita WUT02U Instruction Manual

Wireless unit adaptor


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ENGLISH (Original instructions)


Dimensions (L x W x H)
Net weight
Due to our continuing program of research and development, the specifications herein are subject to change
without notice.
Specifications may differ from country to country.
The followings show the symbols used for the equip-
ment. Be sure that you understand their meaning before
Take particular care and attention.
Read the instruction manual.
Do not expose to moisture.
Only for EU countries
Do not dispose of electric equipment
together with household waste material! In
observance of the European Directive, on
Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment
and its implementation in accordance with
national law, electric equipment that have
reached the end of their life must be col-
lected separately and returned to an envi-
ronmentally compatible recycling facility.


NOTE: The wireless unit adaptor is hereinafter
referred to as "adaptor" in this instruction manual.
Be sure to thoroughly read and
understand this instruction manual as well as the
instruction manuals of the vacuum cleaner, tool,
and wireless unit to be used with this product.
Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may
result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.
Important safety instructions for the
adaptor and wireless unit
Do not disassemble or tamper with the wire-
less unit and the adaptor.
Keep the wireless unit and adaptor away from
young children. If the wireless unit is acci-
dentally swallowed, seek medical attention
154 mm x 71 mm x 57 mm
Use the wireless unit only with Makita tools.
Never handle the adaptor with wet hands.
Doing so may cause electric shock.
Do not block the vents on the adaptor.
Do not use the adaptor's cord for carrying and
Do not expose the wireless unit and the adap-
tor to rain or wet conditions. Liquid come inside
the appliance may cause malfunction and/or
electric shock.
Do not use the wireless unit in places where
the temperature exceeds 50°C (122°F).
Do not operate the wireless unit in places
where medical instruments, such as heart
pace makers are near by.
10. Do not operate the wireless unit in places
where automated devices are near by. If oper-
ated, automated devices may develop malfunction
or error.
Do not operate the wireless unit in places
under high temperature or places where
static electricity or electrical noise could be
12. The wireless unit can produce electromagnetic
fields (EMF) but they are not harmful to the user.
13. The wireless unit is an accurate instrument. Be
careful not to drop or strike the wireless unit.
14. Avoid touching the terminal of the wireless
unit with bare hands or metallic materials.
15. Always remove the battery on the product
when installing the wireless unit into it.
16. When opening the lid of the slot, avoid the
place where dust and water may come into the
slot. Always keep the inlet of the slot clean.
17. Always insert the wireless unit in the correct
18. Do not press the wireless activation button
on the wireless unit too hard and/or press the
button with an object with a sharp edge.
19. Always close the lid of the slot when operating.
20. Do not remove the wireless unit from the slot
while the power is being supplied. Doing so
may cause a malfunction of the wireless unit.
21. Do not remove the sticker on the wireless unit.
22. Do not put any sticker on the wireless unit.
23. Do not leave the wireless unit in a place where
static electricity or electrical noise could be
0.41 kg


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