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Installation - Honeywell 4000 Series Product Data

Direct coupled valve actuators
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When Installing This Product...
1. Read this instructions carefully. Failures to follow
them could damage the product or cause a
hazardous condition.
2. Check ratings given in instructions and on the
product to ensure the product is suitable for your
3. The installer must be a trained, experienced service
4. After installation is complete, check out product
operation as provided in these instructions.
5. DO NOT electrically operate the actuator before
assembly to the valve because damage not
apparent to the installer may occur.
• Before installing the valve, raise and lower the valve
stem to make sure that the valve stem operates
freely. Impaired stem operation can indicate that the
stem was bent by rough handling. This condition can
require replacing the valve.
• Protect the stem from damage due to bending or
Proper Use
The valves are to be installed by skilled personnel and in
strict accordance with the installation instructions and local
regulations. Honeywell assumes no responsibility for dam-
ages or injuries resulting from non-compliance with installa-
tion instructions or standard good practice when mounting,
operating, or maintaining the valves, even if not expicitly
mentioned in the installation instructions. Observe all safety
practices when working with steam systems.
1. Ensure that the valve body is installed correctly, that is,
the arrow points in the direction of the flow.
2. Although the actuator can be mounted in any position, it
is preferable that it is mounted above the valve body. This
will minimize the risk of damage to the actuator in the
event of condensation or a valve gland leak.
NOTE: NEMA 3R rainproof rating only applies to
actuators mounted vertically. Cover has been treated
with UV stabilizers for outdoor applications. Weather-
proof conduit fittings approved for outdoor and wet
locations must be used to maintain NEMA 3R rating.
3. Remove the stem button (Fig. 3) from the valve stem.
Save the set screw inside the stem button for later
installation. The button itself is not needed.
4. Slide the position indicator (plastic disk or rubber Oring)
over the valve stem. (See inset, Fig. 3) Indicator will self-
align to the marking on the yoke after complete operating
Assembly of ML_984 Actuator to the valve:
1. The drive shaft of the ML_984 Actuator has a 1/4-28 UNF
threaded hole to link with the valve stem. Slide the yoke
over the valve bonnet (Fig. 4)
2. Thread the ML_984Actuator drive shaft onto the valve
stem all the way, until it is completely attached (with no
threads showing), by turning the valve actuator in a
clockwise direction, as viewed from above (depending
on the valve models, use a pin or wrench to keep valve
stem from turning). Note that the valve actuator is shipped
with drive shaft in the mid-position.
3. Care should be exercised when using tools on the valve
stem during tightening. (Fig.4) DO NOT damage the
threads or other parts of the stem.
4. Orient the conduit hole to the most desirable direction,
then tighten the LOCKNUTS on the U-bolt.



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